Monday, March 16, 2009

Mancandy Monday: Lee Pace

So lately I've been mostly macking on this fellow:

Who is so totally feeding into my weakness for beta men. Men who occasionally hunch their shoulders and look bashful with their hands in their pockets, as he does often and adorably on the sadly cancelled Pushing Daisies. Here he is, looking like he's just a-waiting for me to show him the ways of a woman:

Maybe literally, if internet rumours are anything to go by.

But he can also do masculine in that other way I love- a sort of mysterious yet vulnerable yet troubled yet passionate yet eyeliner wearing and physically skillful sort of masculine, as in The Fall:

He's all kinds of man. Seriously. Check him out. Especially in The Fall, which is amazing.

P.S. A bit of news that I was dead excited about but didn't know whether to mention on my blog: Rachel Kramer Bussel mentioned me on her blog! She likes my cover, and quoted my thoughts on it, here:

Which I found thrilling. Just the very thought that someone as important and amazing as her even noticed something about the tiny speck that is me! Thanks to the lovely EllaRegina for showing me the mention!


  1. I saw him first!!! :) And thank yew for Blue Bandit pictures. You know how I feels about him. You didn't mention the eyebrows and the deep voice and the accent. They are the best bits.

  2. I know that if I was a boy, we'd be perfect for each other. *sobs*

  3. I know- I should have totally mentioned the eyebrows. They're so adorable! Like little furry beetles on his face. So cute on PD when he met his half-brothers, and they had the same eyebrows.

    And hey, even as a girl you're still in with a faux-chance! You can still be his faux-girlfriend! Apparently he's a big fan of...erm..."fluid" sexuality.

  4. Hehe - fluid. Sounds rude. *mwah*