Sunday, June 28, 2009

Excerpt From The Things That Make Me Give In

I bit the bullet and steeled my nerves and girded my loins, and asked Alison Tyler if she would be kind enough to post an excerpt from my collection. She was looking for bits on blindfolding, and since one of my stories happened to have some talk of that very subject, I braced myself and sent it along to her.

And she was kind enough to post it, along with some lovely pics of hot dudes and my cover and everything. So if you'd like to see a tiny preview of The Things That Make Me Give In, just pop on over:

It wasn't that scary, after all!


  1. See, I'm just scary on the outside. Inside, I'm a pussy cat.


  2. You're not scary at all! Slightly intimidating in your magnificence, yes, but not scary any more.

    Now- posting an excerpt from my collection...that's another matter altogether. A very scary matter, oh yes.

  3. Look!

    Erotica Revealed says your story 'Men' is 'cleverly misleading'. I'd link but I can't seem to paste in your box.

    so to speak.

  4. I find "cleverly misleading" uber-intriguing.

    (And Alison isn't scary one bit. Just orsum.)