Friday, April 9, 2010

Dirtyville and Kinkyville!

Even if I didn't have a story in one of these two anthologies (I'm in Kinkyville!), I'd still be pimping them like whoa. Because Sommer Marsden, the wonderful orsum Sommer Marsden, is the person who edited and brought them into being! She is, like, the hardest working bestest person ever.

Check them out:

At these places:

Dirtyville on Kindle

Kinkyville on Kindle:

And an exclusive combo meal with 1 Romance Ebooks:

Check out the authors in them:

Dirtyville: The Dentist's Wife by Scarlett Greyson Bulldozers and Communion by P.S. Haven Grip by City Different Population 32 by Alison Tyler Only On Sundays by Emma Hillman Red Light, Green Light by Cora Zane Bosier Green by Angela Caperton The Water-Cooler Routine by Jeremy Edwards Not Of This Place by Willsin RoweThe Good Wife by T. Harrison The Sweetshop Owner's Daughter by Vida BaileyToday's Special by Heidi ChampaThe Girl Next Door by Sommer Marsden

Kinkyville: Crazed by Charlotte Stein Weather Man by Shanna Germain Daddy's Bad Girl by Parker Ford Let Them Eat Crow by Alison Tyler You Suck by Benjamin EliotDesert by Lux Zakari Punishment Befitting The Crime by D.L. King Barber's Pole by J.D. WatersSaturday Night by Angell Brooks The Goth Girl by Rita Winchester Strawberry Social by Scarlett Greyson Little Loan by May Deva Music Lessons by Sommer Marsden

And if you need any further persuasion to go out and purchase these tasty treats, my story is based on Murdock, from the A-Team. I almost called it Boobyhatch. Surely that's orsum, right?


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