Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Can people not see Brandon Routh? Am I seeing something different to what everyone else is seeing? Is he secretly a goblin, or summat, and I'm seeing the handsome side while everyone else sees Ulgar the Unpleasant?

Because goddamn, he has no sites about him. Where are all the fangurls, wetting themselves and posting sixteen million icons of his head? He was Superman, for God's sake! He looks like he was carved out of handsome! He's not even handsome in that too handsome way that's offputting, like Brad Pitt!

I curse you, internetz. I curse you for not yielding Brandon Routh unto me! Go sit in the corner, internetz, and wear the dunce cap and cry about how much you like Johnny fucking Depp.


  1. *cough*http://www.brandonrouth.com/*cough*


  2. Hello Sheila! Sorry I didn't say hello earlier, but I had no idea peeps were commenting on earlier blogs!

    But for shame- you really think I haven't eaten that site with jam on toast? I've glommed on every inch of it. It is lovely. But it is not lovely that Brandon Routh has fewer adoration sites than Matthew Lillard.

    Even though Matthew Lillard is also hot.

    P.S. You are tres mysterious. I tried to see who you were and there was nothing! I must know. But now probably will never because you won't see my reply to your reply from a hundred years ago.

  3. Ooooooo, mysterious? Is I? Do you really not know me, Viper, my love?


    =pulls cloak over face and sweeps away=

    =bashes knee into sofa=


    =limps away=