Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mancandy Monday: Andy, From The Office

Okay, so he's clearly a maniac. I know that. But (if you know who I'm talking about) bear with me, all right? Because here is Charlotte Stein's all amazing totally brilliant earth-shaking list of reasons why Andy Bernard from The Office (American version) would be totally knee-trembling in the sack:

1. I swear to God, I have never seen a bulge the likes of which my eyes didst layeth upon when watching Andy in his underwear in The Hangover. Angels wept, I promise. And they mostly wept because they knew that no matter how much soul saving they did, their cocks would never be as huge as what Andy is shockingly hiding in his underpants.

2. Not that a huge cock always matters, in the awesome-in-the sack department. But seriously. He could impregnate Godzilla with that thing.

3. He goes way way out of his way to do stuff, just to make a girl happy. Like presenting her with the twelve days of Christmas, only real. The amount of birds he had to buy alone! If he doesn't apply that effort to the bedroom, I'll beat him up until he does.

4. And no, I don't mean I want him to buy a bunch of doves and have them suddenly flapping around my light fixtures.

5. You know what I mean.

6. And then there's his complete obedience to his direct superior.

7. Yeah. I'm not going to explain that one.

And if none of those things were enough to convince you to fantasise about Andy Bernard on a regular basis, here is a picture of him, to seal the deal:

I know. I don't know what's wrong with me, either.


  1. Hehe, you never fail to make me laugh, crazy lady. xxx

  2. uhm i have no idea who that bulgy guy is..but i m here in a mission..well..what mission? tpo let you know that finally my issue of "the things that make me give in" arrived the other day..weeks afte ri ordered it,...but now its here all pretty and glossy right now on the cabinet in the hall but soonish on by bed side table...

  3. Jo- inorite. He scares me, and I fancy him.

    Lucy- Yeah! I make you laugh! I don't even mind that it's with my craziness. Because I am actually crazy. I know it. I own it.

    Danielle- Eep! I hope you like it, hon! One of my students bought it and brought it to class, and I had to hide under the desk. People actually buying and reading my book? Terrifying!

  4. hehe*

    yes we do buy and read you!!! no stone to hide the mighty viper under!!!

    i ll let you know how i liked it..:-)