Monday, May 28, 2012

A Sticky Situation

So I'm in this fabulous anthology from Xcite - Hungarian Rhapsody. It's part of their superb Secret Library collection, and a huge amount of the fun of being in this one was the amazing people I got to be alongside. In Hungarian Rhapsody there's a novella from the amazing Justine Elyot, but also one from my guest here today - the incredible Kay Jaybee!

So without further ado, here she is!

The idea behind my story, A Sticky Situation, came from a very ordinary occurrence- I dropped my breakfast down my jumper.
Yes, I confess- I have to be amongst the world's clumsiest people. If there is a door frame I will walk into it, a loose paving stone I will trip over it, or if a desk edge sticks out slightly, then I will bruise my thigh on it. It doesn't matter if said item of furniture has been in the same place for years, somehow I will catch myself on it, as the never ending array of bruises on my arms and legs will testify!
            It won't surprise you to know therefore, that there is a fairly good chance that during any given meal, I will spill some of my dinner over the table or over my clothes, and the chances of me visiting a restaurant without embarrassing myself in some way is fairly slim.
Despite all of this cack-handedness however, I’m a very organised person. Not a quality people often expect from me after they’ve seen me attempt to walk down the road and fall off the kerb at least twice. It is however the case (which is just as well, otherwise there is no way I could balance writing, my job, and my family!).
 I decided that I would give these trying ‘quirks’ of mine to Sally Briers, the lead character in my Secret Library story. Sorry Sally!!!

If there is a paving stone to trip over, or a drink to knock over, then Sally Briers will trip over it or spill it. Yet somehow Sally is the successful face of marketing for a major pharmaceutical company; much to the disbelief of her new boss, Cameron James.
Forced to work together on a week-long conference in an Oxford hotel, Sally is dreading spending so much time with arrogant new boy Cameron; whose presence somehow makes her even clumsier than usual.
Cameron on the other hand, just hopes that he’ll be able to stay professional, and keep his irrational desire to lick up all the accidently split food and drink that is permanently to be found down Sally’s temptingly curvy body, all to himself.
It could be a very long week- unless Cameron can find a way of making Sally slop so much of her after show champagne, that he has no choice but to march her off and relieve her of her sodden clothing... He is sure that, if he could find a way to stop Sally resenting him taking her previous bosses job, then they could enjoy no end of sticky situations together...

A Sticky Situation is my first foray into the realms of erotic romance. I have written romantic episodes within much (shall we say) ‘harder’ erotic stories and novels, but this time I have left my BDSM toys locked away in the cupboard under the stairs in favour of a lighter touch.
Fear not however, this novella is still packed with KJB style kink, for as Sally and Cameron begin their enforced period of work together at a conference; their road from mutual dislike to mutual lust is far from straightforward! There is more than a dollop of misunderstanding, some inconvenient fantasies, mysterious anonymous notes, a slug of ice-cold store-cupboard action, a splatter of dinner, a dousing of wine, and a sip or two of champagne before they can even contemplate a happy ending...Delicious...

The Secret Library is a new range from Xcite Books which will appeal to the female romance reader market. Each book contains three specially commissioned novellas guaranteeing a satisfying and varied selection.
The story content is relationship led with a strong alpha male hero, a level of conflict and a climactic, explicit ending.
The covers are deliberately designed without visual imagery to be discreet. These books could be comfortably read in public, given as gifts and left on a bedside table.

The Secret Library contains six books with three erotic romance novellas in each:
Traded Innocence – Toni Sands, Elizabeth Coldwell and K D Grace
Silk Stockings – Constance Munday, Jenna Bright and Lucy Felthouse
One Long Hot Summer – Elizabeth Coldwell, Penelope Friday and Shanna Germain
The Thousand and One Nights – Kitti Bernetti, Primula Bond and Sommer Marsden
The Game – Jeff Cott, Antonia Adams and Sommer Marsden
Hungarian Rhapsody – Justine Elyot, Charlotte Stein and Kay Jaybee

Thanks for stopping by, Kay!