Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Novellas!

I'm so sorry blog! And any blog readers! I know I've been neglecting you. And I doubly know this because since I last posted I've had two novella releases, and I haven't even mentioned them. How bad am I? I'm so bad I forget my own blog and my own books, as I plunge ever deeper into the murky world of intense deadlines.

But I'm here now to talk about:

a) Make Me


b) Restraint

Both of which are hot, sexy little tales of shenanigans. Make Me is a bit filthier...okay. It's A LOT filthier. So far, people have called it:

"the filthiest book ever"

Which isn't even a made up thing that I just said then. No - that's an actual quote from Goodreads. I don't even know how I wrote such a filthy book, TBH. But there it is: unadultered filth. Menage, two guys one girl, every variation possible. With just a dash of old feelings and new emotions.

You can buy Make Me at these places, if you're feeling brave:

And if you're feeling less brave, there's Restraint:

Which is still smutastical, but with a deeper romantic story. It's a little shorter than Make Me, but at $1.20 you can't really go wrong, can you? Especially when it's got a big, hunky repressed guy, and a heroine who wants to drive him absolutely nuts with dirty talk. Hooray!

You can get Restraint at these places:

But just to make sure everyone's also featured in the anthology Hungarian Rhapsody. Just in case anyone's pre-ordered that one - don't want people mistakenly buying it twice.

And that's it for today! But I promise, blog, I will not neglect you again. I will return to you shortly, with more tasty tidbits for you to gnaw on!