Saturday, March 24, 2012

My New Book: Power Play

So my book with Harper Collins'/Avon's new erotic line, Mischief, released on Thursday. And as promised, I'm now doing a post that says a little bit about it.

1. It's the most terrifying book I've ever written. Not because there's monsters in it, or anything. Just because I sold it on proposal to a massive publisher with an editor I respect and admire a ton. So you know. No pressure or anything.

2. It's also the book that made me the most excited while writing it. And no, I don't mean excited as in popping party poppers and throwing balloons in the air. I mean the OTHER kind of excited. The kind with...uh...darkened rooms and lots of...lying down.

3. The hero, Benjamin, was so fun to write that there were times I wanted to reach through the pages and squeeze his cheeks. And by cheeks, I mean the things inside his pants. I based him on Armie Hammer at his biggest, hottest, goofiest best, and when I didn't want to write anymore because of the abject terror, he made me.

4. It starts off with the femsubbiest subby scene I've ever written, but soon plunges into the femdomiest femdom I've ever written. So hopefully there's a bit for everyone in there!

5. Yes, I thought of the movie Secretary while I wrote it. Only you know. Backwards.

6. Here's the blurb:

When Eleanor Harding is abruptly promoted, she loses two very important things: the heated relationship she had with her boss, and control over her own desires. Without a restraining hand on her she finds herself suddenly craving something very different – and the office lackey, Benjamin, seems like just the sort of man to fulfil her needs. He’s eager, lustful and willing to show her all of the things she’s been missing – namely, what it’s like to be the one in charge, for a change. Now all Eleanor has to do is decide… is Ben calling the kinky shots, or is she?

7. And if you're still here and interested, an excerpt:

"When he tells me to lift my skirt and bend over his desk, there’s a moment where I hesitate. There’s always a moment. It’s like the feeling just before the lock springs under the pressure of the correct key you’ve somehow chosen. My body goes completely still and the word no makes a fist in my throat, and then I just do it.

I wriggle my tight skirt up over my thighs and expose my backside to his waiting gaze.

In fact, I do much more than that. Mainly because I’ve started anticipating these little trips up to the thirtieth floor, and this morning I went without knickers. Plus, when I bend over my legs somehow automatically spread, so he doesn’t just get a view of the dark seam between the lush curves of my ass cheeks.

He gets to see the slippery pink flesh between, as flushed and swollen as ever I’ve felt it. Of course I like to pretend I hate these little excursions up to the thirtieth floor, and that what Mr Woods does to me is degrading and disgusting and oh, isn’t it awful. But the fact remains that the moment he tells me to bend over in that silvery voice of his, my clit swells. My sex plumps. Wetness trickles from the clenching hole between my legs, down over my quite possibly quivering thighs.

I quiver, for Mr Woods. I bend over, for Mr Woods. I forget that I was ever Ms Harding, Executive Editor of Barrett and Bates, and I become this other creature.

I don’t even know her name, to be honest. She looks like me and talks like me and even acts like me in some respects – I still lay my hands on the desk so that they’re apart but parallel to each other – but she can never have that little buzz of respect before her name the way I so often do: Ms.

And she could never let herself be used the way I’m going to let Mr Woods use me right now. I turn over in my mind each way he could possibly debase me as he stands behind me in his crisp grey suit with his crisp grey face and his mouth in that mean line it so often falls into.

He could push something into my cunt. He’s never done it before, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t do it now if he wanted to. I’m as slick as I’ve ever been, but more than that I feel greedy down there, as though I could take anything he wanted to offer. That award he got, for excellence in business or something like it? That big, thick, curved one, with the little nubs all around its length like a thing just made for stirring the nerves inside someone’s body?

Yeah, he could fill me with that, if he so chose. In my normal life, the life outside the strange, still unspoken relationship we’ve struck up, I would never let someone choose something like that for me.

But here it’s different. Here he doesn’t have to say a word, and my mind floods with a million options, each more disgusting than the last. In fact, I suspect that my mind is actually far more disgusting than his. After all, he’s never actually fucked me. Most of the time he doesn’t touch me between my legs, and he hardly ever pushes me into touching him.

It’s just this, it’s just him behind me with the thought of what he could do buzzing through my body. He could order me to oil my own ass and let him slip his cock inside. He could cane me until my flesh sang red-hot songs, until I bled and wept and begged him not to.

And though I’m sure I’ve never wanted any of those things, there’s something about him that makes me give in anyway. Something about his eyes, as calm and colourless as a midwinter day. And his tone, his perfect, metallic tone.

No order is ever barked; his voice is never raised. His orders don’t seem like orders, to be honest. One day he just said to me, quite matter-of-factly: I’d like to see your cunt now, Ms Harding. In the same way one might ask to see the quarterly reports or the latest projections or something of that nature.

And then a sort of haze had descended over me, as though his words had thrown a veil over my head. The veil is with me right now as he murmurs that I should spread my legs wider, wider. He wants to see just how wet I am, just how bad I’ve been, before he progresses to anything further.

And oh God, how I’m longing for anything further. Use the award, I think at him frantically, while my cheeks turn crimson and my body shudders over the idea. Force me to take your cock, I think at him, though somehow I know he never will.

I’m not allowed.

‘I see you’re very wet, Ms Harding,’ he says, then follows it with more disapproving words that I don’t want to hear. ‘Yes, very wet indeed. Would you care to explain to me how you got into such a disgusting state?’

No, I would not care to explain. My entire body sizzles with embarrassment and I have to force my hands to remain flat. And yet I find my mouth opening and words that aren’t my own come out, as though I have a talk-string on my back and he just pulled it.

‘I’ve been thinking about fucking,’ I say, which at least has the virtue of being honest, if not the virtue of being what I actually wanted to say.

‘Fucking who?’ he asks, just as I knew he would. Only this time I find the wherewithal to lie. I have to find the wherewithal to lie. He always asks me this and I always answer the same way – with something that affirms him as the one who controls me – but this time, it’s not true.

And I can’t possibly explain to him why it isn’t. I can’t. It’s more embarrassing than the long, slow throb between my legs.

‘You,’ I say, and then I think of the new guy in the hallway, spilling his armful of papers everywhere. The way his shirt had been untucked at the back. The look on his face, like someone lost inside a maze created by a superior race that hates him.

‘You thought about my cock inside you?’ he asks, and oh that delicious deliberation in his voice still gets me. I have to rub my stiff and aching nipples against the desk just to take the edge off – though I know he will punish me for it soon.

Any transgression, he punishes me for it. Once, I rubbed the toe of my shoe over the back of my opposite ankle to scratch an itch there. And in return for this minor slip he had made me bend double and grasp that said same place while he paddled my ass with a ping-pong bat.

To this day I have no idea where the ping-pong bat came from.


‘You think about it often?’

‘All the time.’

‘Describe how you imagine it would feel, sliding in.’

God, why does he always have to make me describe? I’m terrible at it. I’m the worst.

‘Mmmm, so good,’ I say, limply, and for my crimes I get a hard slap to the ass. Of course I do. I should have said solid or satisfying or what I’m really thinking: not as good as that new guy’s cock.

The one I could practically see through his pathetic trousers, as he bent and stretched and reached for all his fallen papers, face red, everything about him so awkward and appalling. He should be taken out of his misery, he really should. He should be planted over a desk and made to see the error of his ways, just as I am now.

And then maybe he’d beg like me too.

‘Oh please, please just fill me with something. Please,’ I blurt out, but it’s the strangest thing. I don’t know if I’m saying it for Mr Woods, or for the other thoughts that are pushing their way through my addled mind.

Thoughts such as: if it was the new guy behind me, would he fill me now? I don’t think I’d have to beg with him, but somehow that doesn’t seem like a negative. Instead, my body flushes with the thought of how eager he’d probably be – cock so stiff and swollen it’s almost touching his belly, pre-come welling at the tip like a promise of all the copious slickness he’s about to spill.

And he’d spill it inside me. Of course he would. Two thrusts and he’d be done, cock spurting thickly in my waiting cunt, hands all sweaty on my hips and oh God maybe he’d moan too. He wouldn’t be like Mr Woods – silent, implacable, unmoveable. He’d actually say something as he touches me, and if he didn’t want to, if he couldn’t …

I’d make him.

The realisation shoves its way through me, as hard as those first words from Mr Woods did. I’d like to see your cunt now, Ms Harding, I think, and then hot on its heels:

I’d like to see your cock now, new guy.

Benjamin, I think his name is. Benjamin, I think, as Mr Woods rubs something too cold and unyielding against the slippery lips of my cunt. And then when I moan to feel it, and squirm against it, he eases it down, down until the smooth tip is rubbing against my swollen clit.

I don’t mind admitting that I forget about Benjamin then. Hell, I forget my own name. Pleasure whites out all of my higher thought processes and leaves behind this: this shame-riddled, wriggling mess. This thing, that can only plead:

‘Uhhhh, yes – more. More.’

I try to angle my hips to catch whatever he’s using – the award, my mind screams, the award, even though I know it’s not – and get it inside me, but naturally he’s too good for that. He just pulls back further, until the thing is barely touching me at all. In fact, I’m sure I can only feel it because my clit is so sensitive, so ready for any little touch that stirring the air over its surface makes me liquid between my legs.

Makes me moan, too loud and too long. Outside his doors, hundreds of people are working away, oblivious – but they won’t be oblivious if I carry on like this. If I buck and pant and tell him to just fuck me with it, fuck my cunt with it.

‘Such a filthy mouth, Ms Harding,’ he says, and then he does something worse than all the rest of this nonsense combined.

He slides the tip of whatever this is up, up, past my ready and waiting pussy to a place I’m completely not prepared for. I’m so not prepared for it that I lurch forward against the desk, and actually almost say something weak and pathetic, like:

Please don’t. I’ve never had anything there before.

Luckily, my perfectly perpendicular hands save me. The thought of that Ms at the start of my name saves me. The idea of Benjamin stumbling and fumbling and just being such a mess saves me.

And I don’t break. I don’t say anything at all as he offers me one tiny, amused sort of sound. He never laughs, Mr Woods – of course he doesn’t – but sometimes I’m sure my struggles and my boundaries entertain him.

And this is such a petty boundary to have. Who hasn’t had something in their ass? Yet the fact remains that I haven’t, and the more he pushes and twists and makes that amused sound, the harder I clench and flame red with mortification.

I don’t know what’s worse, either – the fact that he’s doing this with something impossibly thick and still achingly cold, or that I can feel how slick its surface is. As though he didn’t just coat it in my liquid before he decided to rub it over my arse.

He oiled it in advance, for this specific purpose. He knew he was going to penetrate me there before I even walked into this office, and no amount of my squirming and whimpering is going to change that.

I just have to squeeze my eyes tight shut and let him ease it slowly in.

And oh God he does, he does. He braces one hand on my tense ass cheek, and then twists this thick and slippery thing until my body starts to yield to it. The tight ring of muscle there clenches and tries to deny the intrusion, but then everything just seems to give and I feel it slide all the way in to the hilt.

Worse than the hilt, in fact, because once the thing is lodged firmly inside me I can make out the press of his fingers where he’s gripping it at the base. Somehow it’s the most intimate touch he’s offered me since this whole thing began.

‘I think I would like you to rub your clit as I fuck you. What do you think, Ms Harding?’

I think nothing. I’m made of nothing. All I can feel or respond to is the slow slide of this fake cock as he pushes it in and out of my ass. As it stirs all of these little nerve-endings that I didn’t know existed, everything so glossy and slick that the feeling is almost unbearable.

‘I think you’d like that. Now reach between your legs and find your clit.’

I flop around for a moment, trying my best to do as I’m told. My arms feel rubbery and unresponsive, and with this fake cock working back and forth inside me it’s hard to lift my body to get at what he’s asking for.

And it doesn’t get any easier when I finally reach my stiff little bud. Just skimming the pad of one finger over its tense surface is like a punch to the gut. It feels immense, and every touch of it burns too hotly, and then he actually makes a sound as he forces the thing into me and oh God I can’t take it, I can’t.

I can accept something fucking my ass. I can take being bent over his desk. I can’t endure him grunting like that, as though maybe this whole thing affects him a little more than he usually lets on. Him grunting makes me imagine torrid, glorious things, like his cock all stiff and solid against the material of his impeccable trousers.

And though I daren’t look to check, I can almost picture him stroking himself as he does this to me. One hand on his hard cock, one hand on the fake one he’s pumping in and out of my willing body, until finally he gives in and lets himself spurt all over –

‘Oh fuck, Mr Woods,’ I moan, because everything is just too much. The heated pulse between my finger and my clit, the feel of the fake cock fucking into me, raggedly, the idea of him coming on my upturned ass … I can’t take it.

Instead, I press down hard on my clit and let the first trembling waves ebb through me, pushing back against the pounding he’s now doling out until said waves become a great wash of pleasure.

‘Yes, keep doing that, keep doing it, I’m coming – ohhhhh,’ I tell him, because by this point I’m beyond all good sense. I don’t know who I am or where I might be, and all I care about is the orgasm that’s shoving rudely through my body.

And God, it goes on and on and on. By the time it’s finished I’m a wet, trembling mess on the desk. Perpendicular hands forgotten. Perfect clothes sweated through. Ass so sore I’ll barely be able to walk for the rest of the day.

Though that’s not unusual, for our cold little relationship. At the very least I’m usually sitting on some red handprints in any afternoon meetings I then have – meetings that are actually going to start very soon.

In fact, they’re going to start so soon that my real self comes back to me far quicker than usual, and I go to straighten before he’s given me permission. I try to stand, but before I can get anywhere near said position that tented hand is back on my ass. His metallic voice is back in my ear.

‘Stay still, Ms Harding,’ he says, only he sounds different for just a second. That metallic tone peels away and reveals something rusted and old beneath, and then I actually feel it on my skin, just as I had imagined.

A searing stripe of something slick. And then another. And another.

Though that’s not the shocking thing. I mean, I’ve often imagined him losing some of his control. Sometimes I’ve hungered for it, with my hand between my legs and orgasm just one wretched inch away.

But in all of these fantasies of him breaking, I’ll confess: I never imagined him moaning something heated. The Benjamins of this world moan heated things. They let themselves go and can’t control themselves – not people like Mr Woods."

8. And finally, the buy links! Hurrah!

P.S. WINNERS: As there were only two entrants for the Sheltered contest, I've decided just to give those two lovely people a copy. So Astahil and Jen, email me at and I'll get your copy to you!

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Mischief: Justine Elyot

So my book with new imprint Mischief comes out today. But that's not what I'm going to talk about. Instead, I'm going to talk about another author who writes for Mischief, and her book that also releases today.

Mainly because it's orsum. She's orsum. And I feel that some of the orsum backwash is rolling off her and sliding over me, purely by virtue of our dual release date. Hooray for dual release dates!

Anyhoo - where was I? Ah yes. Justine Elyot. One of the best authors Black Lace ever had. Writer for Carina Press. Purveyor of tremendous, literary, beautiful, hot erotica.

And if I haven't impressed you enough with how orsum Justine is, and how much you should run to the nearest ebook vendor and buy her latest novella, then let me regale you with a little tale that I've probably regaled you with before.

I'm not friends with Justine Elyot cos I just met her one day on Twitter or summat and thought she was great. No no no. I'm friends with Justine Elyot because in one of the first Black Lack anthologies I was in there was another story, by a new name I didn't know. The story was electric, exciting, fresh. The voice was clear and cool and crisp. I had to know who this person was, and if she'd written anything else.

So I searched her out. And to my delight, I discovered two things: that she had her own collection of shorts coming soon, and that she was orsum. And ever since then, she's been my rock. My writing friend. My partner in crime.

But the purpose of this story is not to tell you how much of a rock Justine is. It's to tell you that I'm not promoing her novella because she's my friend. I'm doing it because I've always, and will always love her work.

And if you want to love her work too, you can find her novella, Kinky, at these places:

Still not convinced? Check the blurb:

Kinky Cupcake is much more than a meeting place for like-minded BDSM enthusiasts – it's an all-purpose play space with dungeons, boudoirs and role-play rooms galore. So when Rosie and her new friend Dimitri blag their way in, they know they are going to have to convince everyone that they’re a genuine scene couple. This isn't easy, when you've known each other all of a few hours, but they give it their best shot. The pleasures of domination and submission are explored, one by one, until Rosie and Dimitri's faked dynamic becomes all too real. But how much of their emotional bond depends on their shared sensual experiences? And the truest test of their bond is whether they can be together outside Kinky Cupcake as well as inside its chambers.

Hot right? What are you waiting for?

P.S. You can find my novel, Power Play, at these places - if you're interested in checking it out!

I'll be doing a lot more talking about it in upcoming days, but you can find out more, see the blurb, read an excerpt and purchase by following those links.

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Win A Copy Of Sheltered!

So a number of pretty exciting things have been happening. Namely: Sheltered is actually proving quite popular! A lot of people seem to be rating, reading and talking about it, to the point where I'm starting to poop my pants a bit. Have never really had people mentioning my book on Amazon before, or seen people having conversations about it on Goodreads. And even when the ratings are just average and the comments a little negative, there's still a lovely overall feeling that my book is being discussed and thought about.

It's wonderful. And I haven't the faintest clue how it's happened. Sheltered's a dark book, and one that's quite personal for me. In all honesty, I thought people wouldn't like it. But I guess readers like a bit of raw angst and honest emotion, which is fantastic to know.

As is the fact that I got a mention on Dear Author! Especially surprising and delightful because I kind of thought Jane from DA didn't like my writing, but she tweeted that she really enjoyed Sheltered, and then a little while later there was a post about deals and my book got a shout out as one you should buy as part of the ARE Ellora's Cave rebate!

So all around, it's been a good writing week. A week I'm very grateful for. It's given me a much needed boost and made me believe again that I could actually make a go of this writing lark, so I'm very happy. And thankful, for all my readers out there!

And in honour of this thanky-happiness, I'm giving away two copies of Sheltered! Just comment and I'll put your name in the hat, then at the end of the week I'll randomly draw two winners. Hurrah!

Friday, March 9, 2012

My New Book: Sheltered

As I'm not going to be here when my book actually goes live at Ellora's Cave, I thought I'd schedule a blog post to announce it.

So here it is! Sheltered:

My angsty, steamy, totally dark tale of a girl trapped by her abusive Father, and the punk who comes to save her from this hell via lots of filthy sex!

Here's the blurb:

Evie has lived her entire life under her abusive father’s thumb. He controls everything. Where she goes to college, who she sees, what she does. But when she meets Van—a punk who shows her how different life could be—she realizes how much she’s been missing.

Van offers her excitement, protection, love…and most of all, sex—even if he’s at first reluctant to give her all the things she’s been craving. She wants to explore this new world of arousal and desire, but Van is only too aware of how fragile she is, how innocent…

And how much is at stake, when their love is forbidden.

And you can find an excerpt (and buy the book) here:

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Mancandy Tuesday: Silas Weir Mitchell

For a start, just check out that name. It sounds like he's from a fantasy world where no one's allowed to be called something normal, like Frank or Bill. It sounds like he's a doctor from the nineteenth century who just invented the vibrator.

And is now going to use that vibrator on me. I have hysteria, okay? I need curing with lots of orgasms, delivered by a guy who looks like this:

Because seriously, who wouldn't want to be cured with lots of orgasms, as given to them by this guy? Look at his face! He’s so hairy and manly. He’s the kind of hairy manliness that I shouldn’t actually experience, cos I’m not adult enough. His beard is the equivalent of a dinner party where everyone talks about political things, only with a savage wolf attack, later on.

He’s the wolf.

After all, that's what he plays on Grimm. And it's fitting, too, because in all my days I don't think I've ever seen anyone who looks more like they could be an actual werewolf, under their man skin. He's not even really wearing man skin! Look at those insane eyes! He barely needs the bad CGI and crappy make up the show regularly slops all over him, with those crazy things staring right out of his head.

And that hair. I have to ask: does he brush it with a fistful of brambles? Can you even call that "bedhead", when you're not sure if he's ever seen the surface of said piece of furniture? I'm pretty sure he slept in a bin last night. Or a rain gutter. He slept inside a bin that fell into a rain gutter, and then got swept away to an enchanted forest where everyone has sex with everything all the time.

Or at least, he did in my head.

He does a lot of things, in my head - and all of them are excerbated by one other important factor:

On the show, they make him wear a lot of cardigans. And as you all probably don't know by now because I haven't blogged in forever and you've all forgotten who I am*, I love nothing better than a raggedy, rugged man who's all covered hair...and has then been wrapped in some sort of twee knitwear.

A sweater vest is best, but in a pinch, a cardigan will do. Or how about these sandy jackets he wears, with the leather patches on the elbows?

They give the same air of a librarian and/or teacher who's secretly a werewolf underneath. Tear off the corduroy and the little glasses, and underneath you'll find something seething with strange lusts - or, as Joy from My Name Is Earl claimed in a episode featuring Mr Mitchell:

A body that looks as though it's been made up of nothing but knees.

Which I think sounds kind of orsum, to be honest. As is the thing his character says to Joy in an effort to seduce her, during that same episode:

I'll wear that bag over my head like before, if you want.

And though I've no idea why secret werewolfism or being a doctor in the nineteenth century excites me, I do at least know why this floats my boat. And I'm now going to reveal that boat floating, even if it exposes me as a total weirdo who should probably be shunned and ostracised for fear of upsetting normal people:

It's because it means he doesn't really care about himself. His own sense of ego and vanity is subsumed by a) his clearly rampant desire for actual sex and b) the sexual needs of someone else.

And let's face it: how often do you see THAT on primetime television? Especially from what is, essentially, a very attractive man. I mean, even if you can't see the attractiveness beneath the layers of rugged, raggedy beard and obvious bestiality (not to mention the questionable age, which could, realistically, be somewhere south of 898), you've got to accept:

That's hot.

No shut up, it totally is. And if you say otherwise, you're just a cardigan hater.

Now ask yourself. Is that really what you want to be?

P.S. Fancy reading my latest novella? It just so happens to feature werewolves. And apocalypses. And forbidden lust. Hooray! You can get it here:

*It's me, Charlotte Stein! To further reacquaint yourself: I like long walks that don't actually take place in parks I can't be bothered to go to, holding hands for hours if by holding hands you actually mean rubbing rude bits together, and all that black stuff that comes after a sunset. I think it's called...night...time?