Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Novella: Deep Desires!

Phew! Has it really been so long since I said stuff, here? How time flies when you're being crushed by deadlines. But just to be clear: I love being crushed by deadlines. I'd never trade that sort of crushing for any other type, even if the other type was Armie Hammer suddenly sitting on my head.

I mean, I'd like Armie Hammer sitting on my head. I certainly wouldn't discourage him from using my face a chair.

It's just not quite as orsum as the constantly jolting realisation that I'm a writer. I have deadlines! I have deadlines and work and I do fings! Man, never thought I'd be here, three years ago. Thank God I chose a writing career over being Armie Hammer's personal bum cushion.

But unfortunately, all of this nonsense means that I neglect my blog, dammit. Must try to do better! And I'll start here, by saying fings about my new novella. Yep, that's right. It's been so long that I actually have another novella out. It's called Deep Desires, and look, here it is:


Was so psyched to get that cover, I tell you what. Really suits the story, which is all dark and emotional and about two people who have to overcome things to be all hot and heavy and happy with each other. Which I think really goes with those breathless but somehow separated people in that image!


Anyhoo, here's the blurb for the book:

The Further She Goes, the More She Needs...
Abbie Gough has done her best to escape a violent past. But in the process, she’s avoided life, desire and love. So when she sees her equally closed off neighbour, Ivan, performing for her one night through his window, she can’t stop looking.

Voyeuristic pleasures become Abbie’s lifeline. But as she comes alive and craves more, Ivan backs away. He has his own secrets , the kind that draw her into kinky games and her own shameful desires, while also preventing real intimacy between them. But now she’s found someone so special, she’s not about to give up easily. And she’s willing to do whatever it takes to melt Ivan’s cool exterior. Even if captivating him means pushing through her limits to whatever lies beyond.

And some links:

It's only, like, 99p/$1.64 at the moment, so I reckon that's a bargain. It's 40k, so you're really getting some content for your quid, and honest it's a good book! It has nice fings in it! And sexy times! And oh I'm hopeless at this. How about if I give you Mandi Schreiner's word for it? She's an orsum book blogger, and look what she said:

"Whoa. So hot."

So it's totally worth your time. Honest. I promise. *hides from promo*