Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mancandy Monday: The Hot Dude On The Cover Of On Demand

I was going to do "Mancandy Monday: Justine Elyot", but that would have been weird.

I mean, I've never seen her face. So technically, she could look like Zachary Quinto. But somehow, I don't think God is kind enough to put the brilliant mind of an orsum erotica writer into the body of someone who looks like ZQ.

So I chose the burly beefcake caged inside a gorgeous suit on the cover of her book, On Demand, as today's belated Mancandy Monday. Et voila:

Just look at him there. Look how massive he is! So burly. And he's kind of half-smiling, too, as though he's singing Sugar Lumps in his head: I see you girl, checking out the front of my trunks. That sort of thing.

But more than how hot this hunk is, more than my confused feelings for Justine "ZQ" Elyot, is what is within the sexy covers of this fabulous book. I haven't finished reading it yet, but ohhh, what I have read. And what I read from Justine Elyot before I got my mitts on her fab collection of short stories.

The first story I ever read of hers was Advanced Corsetry, in Liaisons. Directly after reading it, I went online to find out who she was. That's the effect Justine's work has on you- you want to know more, immediatly, about this electric new voice on the erotica scene. She made me so happy, that BL was still taking on new brilliant writers like her.

She is a master of words, a wit, and in every sex scene she pushes boundaries and expectations. If you're not interested in any of those things, then obviously, don't buy her book. But I know you are interested in those things. I know what you're thinking right now: why haven't I bought On Demand, already?

Because you're mad, clearly. Now get out there and buy it!


  1. "Because you're mad, clearly."

    No, no! I mean, yes, I'm nutty ... but not in this particular way.

    I haven't bought it yet because of the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, the Atlantic Ocean is standing between me and Justine's book. The nerve!

    But the Elyot tide will come in eventually--hence my frolic-ready swim trunks!

  2. I don't look like Zachary Quinto, but my dad's nickname was Spock. And I take after my dad. Make of that what you will...

    And I did that exact same thing of looking you up after I read your 'Liaisons' story - how funny! Of course, I got lots of webpages about Goethe.

    Thanks so much for posting this! But Suit Man is mine, all mine, heheheheheh.

  3. I'm not mad then, hooray! I've finished it, and will be reviewing it this very evening...

  4. Jeremy- That goddamned Atlantic Ocean! I rue the day God weed it out!

    Justine- two teases in one comment! First you torment me with Spock thoughts, then you take away suit man! Baddie!

    Lucy- any claims of your madness have been well and truly debunked. Not only do you have her book, you also said completely sane things about it! What other proof do I need of you non-madness?