Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Things What Have Happened To Me

Tigerlily was reviewed over at Whipped Cream:

They gave it four cherries, and the reviewer, Tiger Lily (no, really) said: "If you want a story with bittersweet moments, white-hot sex, and a hero that’s yummy, you need to read Tigerlily."

Go team me, yay!

I also don't think I mentioned that I got a cover for The Horizon (there are only, like, six days until it's out!), but you may have seen it in the sidebar, Bertha. It looks like this:

Which is's so that the sun shining out of his butt? Oh, how apt.

Let's see...I also started doing Goodreads. I don't know how you do Goodreads, but Goodreads seems to like it. Here is me on Goodreads:

I spend all of my time on it doing one of my most favourite things: pressing a load of buttons until stuff flashes up. It tells me I rated this! It gives me updates, to tell me what other people are reading! I never previously knew that I could be so fascinated by what everyone else is reading!

Also, you may be able to see that I have only written one review. And it's a searing diatrible on the futility of existence and the true nature of art and literature, with all of its power to elevate or degrade.

Either that, or it's a comment about an A-Team comic book. Before you even click on that link, gentle Bertha, I know you will have invested your faith in me, and decided which one of the above reviews I have so painstakingly crafted. And believe me, I do not let you down.

In further news, I'm beavering away at something I'm loving writing more than any other thing since The Horizon, probably. The hero is crazy, the heroine is in love with his crazy, they go on the lam...oh, love. I listen to the synth wonders of the Starman soundtrack, and just want to write it forever.

Which probably means it's awful. God, I hope it's not awful.


  1. I'm sure it's not awful, Charlotte.

    Nice cover BTW. I like the sunny butt bit.

  2. Aw, thanks Madelynne! And I like the sunny butt, too!

  3. Team Charlotte is the best team to be on!!!

    Congrats on both releases!!! I'm positive they're not awful - in fact, I'm positive they're as fanfreakingtastic as you are!!!