Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mancandy Christmas!

Last year, I lusted after Santa. This year, I'm just going to dress up a whole cavalcade of hunks as Santa, and lust after them instead.

Mmmm, phallic.

Oooh, even more phallic glllllrrrrrrrrrrrrr.*

I call this one "terrifyingly phallic".

Uh...his hat slipped?

Okay, I realise this is just getting silly, now.

No, brain. That was not your cue to post a giant picture of a hat penis.

*sigh* See what I have to put up with? And in the season of goodwill to all Mancandy! Merry Christmas, everyone!

*Homer drool


  1. *sigh* I like how your mind works :)especially with that alcide (joe) pic

  2. Joe, that is one sexah hat you've got there. I notice it slid down your abs and got hung up on...um...well...let me *grope* I mean, *help* you out there.

  3. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa :D
    Sexmo hunks making me laugh?
    Perfection dear Viper.

  4. Dawn- it is my fervent hope that every woman's mind works only one way when it comes to him. I mean, he's earnt it. God only knows how hard he's worked on that body. Or how hard I'd work on it, if I got my hands on it.

    Hailey- It's an absolute necessity to help him out in that department. I mean...we need to find out what's holding his hat in that position, for a start. Could be a horrid growth, for all we know.

    Jo- tee hee!

    Harley- perfect for the holiday season, no?

    Happy Christmas everyone!

  5. Heehee! Hat penis!

    Honestly the very first word that popped into my brain - before I even scrolled down to see the first caption - was "Phallic!"

  6. Yay for phallically festive mancandy!!!

  7. lmao!

    Oh, how I envy your graphic capabilities. And graphic mind! Wishing you a very happy Xmas Charlotte!

  8. Del- you know why? Because great minds think alike.

    Bronwyn- inorite? Hoorah!

    Janine- i has mad paint skillz. You should totally envy them. Wishing you a happy Crimbo right back!