Friday, February 11, 2011

Indigo Skye

Have you seen this? Check this out:

Yeah. That's what I like to see. In all honesty, I'd buy this just based on the cover alone. The fact that it's called Her Captive Muse and is written by the fabulous Indigo Skye is just the icing on the cake, really.

But oh no wait there's more. That's right: she's running a fab competition and the details are all here:

To celebrate the release of Her Captive Muse, Indigo Skye is running a contest for her readers! Enter for a chance to win a $25 gift card from Eden Fantasys and a copy of Her Captive Muse. Visit her blog for details...

Hooray! Though by this point, I know you want to know more about her. So I've got a bio of her fabulousness right here:

Indigo Skye is a writer, photographer and visionary living in the American Southwest. When she's not writing steamy stories, you'll find her on the trail- hiking in the mountains and visiting ancient ruins. Her first novel, Her Captive Muse, was just released by Noble Romance Publishing. She is currently penning a sequel, and is hard at work on a collection of short erotic fiction and poetry. Her short story, "True Confession," was published in the erotica anthology, Uniform Behavior, edited by Lucy Felthouse. Her fiction has been widely published online. She blogs at and tweets @indigoinkandart.

And even better, a delicious free read of hers! I've got a little teaser for you here, and then if you pop on over to Erotica For All (most brilliant of all sites) you'll find the rest:

The Man Downstairs, by Indigo Skye

My first night in my new apartment, I decide to throw a huge housewarming party for all of my old friends- and my new neighbors. It’s a great bash, and being newly single, I’m eager to get some action and christen my new bedroom.

On my own after a nasty breakup, I’m ready for some single-girl fun. My best friends, Mandy and Chris, are here to cheer me on, get me drunk, and introduce me to all the available guys in the vicinity.

“What about the guy with the ponytail?” Chris asks, yelling to be heard over the blaring house music.

“Ew, no! You must be drunk,” I tell her. “He’s ancient. And, FYI, Chris, that’s a comb-over, not a ponytail.”

“You’re cut off,” Mandy teases her, taking away Chris’s beer and swilling half of it herself. “Beer goggles, beer goggles, beer goggles,” she chants, downing the rest at a go. I laugh as they continue to fight. They fight like sisters- with much humor, and great love for each other.

“You two work it out. I’m going outside for a smoke,” I tell Mandy.

“I thought you quit,” she says, narrowing her green eyes at me in an evil glare. “Is this a drunk cigarette, or are you starting again?” she asks, hands on her hips.

“It’s definitely a drunk cigarette.” They both give me suspicious looks, which makes them seem more like sisters than ever. “It is. I’ve got two left in my emergency pack and when they’re gone, I’m quitting again.” I give them both big hugs and say, “Find someone cute for me to flirt with.”

I slip outside on a warm wave of party-laughter. The porch is crowded, so I edge past them and down the stairs to the little courtyard below. It’s beautiful in the moonlight, with pepper-trees and rose-vines bordering a small labyrinth of white stones.

A chill breeze blows over me as I open the gate and enter the deserted little courtyard. There’s a little gazebo under the boughs of an ancient pepper tree near to hand, and I venture inside for shelter from the wind. I’m hoping to get out of the wind long enough to light my cigarette. It’s dark in there, all overgrown with rose-vines, and I take a seat in one of the wrought iron chairs. I dig through my purse, finally locating my emergency cigarettes. But I can’t seem to to find my lighter. Not even a cheap pack of matches from a bar. Nothing.

“Damn it,” I mutter, cigarette bobbing between my expectant lips.

“Need a light?” I look up, startled, and see a dark figure emerge from the shadows beneath the pepper tree...

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