Monday, September 5, 2011

New Releases! Competitions!

So today I've got some new books out. Hurrah! And coincedently they both feature red hot menage or more type scenarios, they're both about obsession and lust and well...all the things I hope you know I'm mad for, by now.

The first is Guarded, my Bollywood themed, Arabian Nights stylee type bonk-fest, featuring two hunky bodyguards and one lucky Princess. Here's the blurb for it:

Their duty is to protect and guard, but their desires want more…

When Amina is captured by the Maharaja of Hadad and forced to read his prophetic scrolls, all she can think of is escape. But then Ashan and Orin are assigned to guard her, and they’re giving her some thoughts she’s sure she shouldn’t be having.

They’re both big, they’re both handsome, and they’re both sworn to protect, guard and be by her side at all times – something which proves increasingly difficult as the steamy nights get longer and their desire for each other reaches boiling point. When she next runs, they’re right on her tail, and this time they have more for her than bound hands and stern words. They’ve got their own needs, and they mean to satisfy them…

And the link, if it takes your fancy:

You can also read a sizzling excerpt, there, and find other novellas under the Bollywood theme from such amazeballs writers as Justine Elyot and Victoria Blisse!

And then there's also my new erotic novel, Telling Tales. It's not the official release date for this book, so you're getting it massively early - if only so far on the Kindle, or over at ARE. But at ARE, you can get it for the absolute bargain price of $4.99. I have no idea how long for, so don't hesitate!

This one's really balls to the wall. And by that I mean there are literally balls flinging about the place. And willies, and fannies, and all of that red hot stuff. It's got MMF, MFM, MFFM, MFMF, MMMMM - hell, it's got so many acronyms you can almost make whole new words out of the initials. I mean, you can totally pronounce MFFM, right? It's muffum. And MMMMM makes a definite and real sound, one that I think sums up the scene nicely:


But anyhoo, here's the blurb:

Allie has held a brightly burning torch for Wade since college. They were part of a writing group together, and everything about those days with him, Cameron and Kitty fills her with longing. All of her old and most decadent fantasies are coming back to her as though they never left, and when their former Professor leaves them his rambling mansion in his will, it’s a chance for them all to reunite.

But there’s more than friendship bubbling beneath the surface. As secrets are revealed and relationships rekindled, the stories get dirtier and the stakes get higher. And now Allie’s realized that she isn’t quite sure who she wants…fun-loving Wade, or quiet, restrained Cameron.

Neither of them have been honest with her about their feelings. And now all four have the chance to act on the tales that ignite their most primal desires.

And the links:

Where you can also find excerpts that barely touch on the kinds of shenanigans that go on in this book. Seriously. I'm mortified that I wrote it. My Gran doesn't speak to me anymore. Even though that's a total lie and she's my biggest fan because now I write the kinds of books she grew up reading, only with the sex left in.

And on that over-sharing note about my elderly Grandmother, I shall take my leave. Though not before doing what I always do on release day:

If you'd like to win a copy of the above books, just comment on this post. I'll stick your name in the hat, shake it around, and the first to emerge will win Telling Tales. The second to emerge will win Guarded. Hell, I might even give you a choice, or have the first prize be both, or who knows? Enter and find out!


  1. Hi Charlotte, it's Jill Boyd from the Twittersphere. I have to say that both books sound sinfully delicious, especially Telling Tales with all the MM, MFM, MFMFMFMFMF and MMMMMM (or something to that liking!). I have yet to read your book Control (which I bought in London) but I am dying to read it and am sure that it is as kick ass as you are :)


  2. I am LMAO over your acronyms and your granny. That's flippin' FAB! Congrats on a double release date (even if one is sneaking in there early on you, lol). Put me in the hat! Just my name, though. Any more of me in there and it might be awkward. ;c)

  3. Congrats, Charlotte, great to see the books out! Your granny sounds wonderful :)

  4. Very excited about Telling Tales! It made me very happy to learn about it the other day. (I'm waiting to order a print copy.)

  5. Actually, I see that I already *have* (pre)ordered a print copy. Sometimes I'm so efficient I can't keep up, haha.

  6. Thanks so, so much for entering, guys! It really does mean a massive amount to me to see people actually commenting on release day. And for the congrats, and the pre-ordering (loves ya, Jezza!) and just for being fab.

    And if anyone is reading this and wondering if it's worth entering, it totally is! I'm going to keep the comp open for a week, and I swear it's completely random who wins!

  7. Well, I can say that I found a new author to add to my TBR list :-)

    PS I don't have any of the acct used to 'Comment as' I need to see about setting one up the meantime I will leave my email, in case I'm lucky and win.


  8. Oh, me! Me! I'm quite frankly ashamed I haven't read more of your stuff already, raging fan girl that I am.

  9. Evita (can I call you Evita?) that's totally fine - your name is in the hat!

    Anyone can comment that way - as long as I've got your email address I can do it!

    And never, ever be ashamed, Elenya - just the fact that you call yourself a raging fangirl makes me all moist with excitement!

  10. So glad I hit your blog today! I'm nearly finished with the last book of yours that I hadn't yet read. Now I have two more!

    One of my favorites was "Reawakening." The "book 1" subtitle gives me hope that there will be more in that vein? I hope so!

  11. It's like surprise, surprise! Cool! My fingers are crossed! I love to find new to me authors.

  12. Please enter me into the compo! I want to be in your hat and get more special Charlotte kisses :)

    lucy at lucyfelthouse dot co dot uk

  13. Anon - yeah, am working on another zombie book! Different characters, but same sort of mixture! Warms the cockles of my heart to see your interest - but I don't know who you are! Hope you visit back here and leave your name

    Jen - Thanks so much for stopping by! Your name is in the hat.

    And Lucy, you have my kisses forever!

  14. Wow your books sound really interesting, would love to read xxx

  15. Happy release day, sweetpea! I'm sure I'll enjoy the read but don't feel obliged to enter me in the draw.

  16. Wow! Both of these sound super-sexy :-) Congrats on your new releases and thanks for the giveaway!

    smaccall AT

  17. "Seriously. I'm mortified that I wrote it.'

    I don't believe you, Charlotte! I know you're secretly proud of your overabundance of kinkiness! Or if you are not, you should be!

    I would LOVE to win either of these. As you know, I'm also a serious fan.

  18. Dear Charlotte,
    Your eyebrow-singing works are perfection. Delicate and heavy at the same time- kind of like whipped cream. My recent discovery of The Things That… has led to several unproductive and glassy-eyed days at work. And since I’m supposed to be helping people fleeing wars and famine, it’s kind of messed up. So for the sake of the fugees, I implore you to put my name in your hat and send me your latest beautifully-written frack fest.
    Do it for the children,
    Pink_astrolabe aka Astahil