Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Novellas!

I'm so sorry blog! And any blog readers! I know I've been neglecting you. And I doubly know this because since I last posted I've had two novella releases, and I haven't even mentioned them. How bad am I? I'm so bad I forget my own blog and my own books, as I plunge ever deeper into the murky world of intense deadlines.

But I'm here now to talk about:

a) Make Me


b) Restraint

Both of which are hot, sexy little tales of shenanigans. Make Me is a bit filthier...okay. It's A LOT filthier. So far, people have called it:

"the filthiest book ever"

Which isn't even a made up thing that I just said then. No - that's an actual quote from Goodreads. I don't even know how I wrote such a filthy book, TBH. But there it is: unadultered filth. Menage, two guys one girl, every variation possible. With just a dash of old feelings and new emotions.

You can buy Make Me at these places, if you're feeling brave:

And if you're feeling less brave, there's Restraint:

Which is still smutastical, but with a deeper romantic story. It's a little shorter than Make Me, but at $1.20 you can't really go wrong, can you? Especially when it's got a big, hunky repressed guy, and a heroine who wants to drive him absolutely nuts with dirty talk. Hooray!

You can get Restraint at these places:

But just to make sure everyone's also featured in the anthology Hungarian Rhapsody. Just in case anyone's pre-ordered that one - don't want people mistakenly buying it twice.

And that's it for today! But I promise, blog, I will not neglect you again. I will return to you shortly, with more tasty tidbits for you to gnaw on!


  1. Yay! I've missed you!!!
    Jen x

  2. Hey Jen! I've missed you too! Thanks for stoppping by, as always. xx

  3. Rereading Reawakening and loving it...what are you working on next??? Also will we see more in the Forever Dead series?

  4. Sorry, Loquacious! I completely missed your comment. So glad you're enjoying the book! At the moment I'm working on several novellas for Ellora's Cave (an alien warrior tale, one about telepathy, another about a portal to another world) and a novel for Mischief/Avon/HarperCollins about a woman who becomes addicted to a guy. Called Addicted, funnily enough! Lots of things in the pipeline, and am definitely planning more in the FD series. It's just getting the time to fit it all in!

    Thanks for asking, BTW. xx

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  6. Dang, girl, you write a lot of books. I just grabbed these two.