Friday, July 3, 2009

Jesus Christ Thursday

I didn't have a Mancandy Monday due to other things getting in the way. So instead I'll have a Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick Thursday:

I mean, what the hell, Alex O'Loughlin. I'm here trying to write about spaceships and Nathan Fillion's ass, and you have to stomp in with your big hairy sex leaking out of your pores self, and strong arm me into writing about vampires?

Plus I think I'm going to have to rewrite most of the whole damned thing, because it should be sticky New York neon. Not LA gloss. Goddammit.

But I'll forgive you, for this:
And not just because you've got a big thing in your mouth and look like you're not wearing any pants just under the line of the picture. Know what that tattoo on his arm is? A HR Giger design. That's right folks. He has something drawn by HR Giger on his arm. The only thing I could imagine being more of a thrill on his bicep, is a drawing of my fanny.
Though I swear, my fanny doesn't have teeth.

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