Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well, That's It, Then.

So much for Black Lace, the one erotica publisher I thought would be safe to send to because dear God, it will never close! No, never! Not Black Lace, sixteen years and four million books strong!

What an idiot I am. I probably cursed it with my sureity. Whenever I'm sure about anything it always blows up in my face.

Ah, well. At least I got a few stories and an entire collection in, before the implosion. Though I swear, God, I am not sure about my collection. I promise, there's no sureity going on. The head of Virgin books has assured me that my collection will go ahead, that 2009 is safe, but I'm not banking on it.

Please let it go ahead.

Anyhoo, where was I. Ah yes, the disaster area of my career, now just a meteorite crater where once there was a strong possibility that I'd have two more novels published. Though I say strong, when really I have no idea what the editor thought about them, and now never will.

I'll now never do anything, most likely. Black Sheep and Fantasyland can sit inside my laptop for another three years, too afraid to crawl out and see the light of day. I keep telling myself that tomorrow, I'm going to send everything out to every publisher and agent ever, but secretly inside I'm sure that no other editor will ever like my stuff.

It was a miracle that one did.

But even so. Even so, I think I might. If Random House/Virgin/Black Lace don't want Black Sheep and Fantasyland...well. They're all ready to go. I could send them somewhere else right now, right this second. They don't even need changing- my worry with them was that there wasn't enough sex. Now there's plenty for just about any other publisher.

So what say you, publishing world? Would you like my novels? I guess we'll see.


  1. Charlotte, don't make me come round there and give you a Talking To.

    Send! Off! Novels! Now! And Again! And Again!

    Repeat until you have found a good home for them. You just have to keep battering away at it. Even when it feels silly, and more like you're battering head off desk.

    Otherwise I will become uncharacteristically bossy.

    (And then you can come round here and shout all this back at me, 'kay, please?)


    ; )

  2. Well, maybe first you could shout at me to actually write some novels. Then to send them off.

    And to get a haircut.

  3. You've had the best launch possible, and I know you're going to find a new home for your books. Hang in there!

  4. Everybody wants a slice of Stein - at least, everybody with sense. Please find a home for 'Black Sheep' - it sounds so freakin gorgeous. And I bet 'Fantasyland' is too. So do it. Take a moment or two to get the old head together first if need be - then let 'em have it with both barrels :D.

  5. Thanks, Nikki. I promise I will keep battering away- as long as you do too!

    Saskia- I know you're right. I have had a very lucky, and very good launch for my work. And I'm not going to stop until my other stuff gets a home, too.

    Justine- ha! Slice of Stein. They can have me! Have all my slices! I taste delicious, come and try! But have already taken one step. Tomorrow I'm going to take another. Hope you are too. Everyone wants your both barrels as well, you know.

    Thanks for commenting, guys. I really appreciate all your kind words.

  6. oh please mighty miss viper...get over the moment and send your babies out to someone else..the world is waiting for it..dont start the corner thing again...

    ps: somehow i like the bossy nikki:-)

  7. I echo what everyone has said. Take some time "off" in your head to settle things. Don't go jumping to conclusions that BL was the only place willing to take your work.

    I will repeat what I said to Justine the other day: "It is a blow, yes, but you have your TALENT." *That* remains and there ain't nobody who can take it from you.

    Adam Nevill is no slouch. He didn't hoist you aboard his ship because he was desperate or took pity on your sorry self. He believes in you and he has pretty high standards, or so I am told.

    So, just hang on. I suggest taking a long walk or bike ride. Really, clear your head for a few days. (Walk/biking not advisable at this dark hour, of course). HOLD ON!

    Your ride is not over yet, Charlotte. It's only just begun.

  8. Thanks Danielle- I'm out of the corner! Wrote 2000 words last night and it gave me a new sense of purpose.

    Thank you, Nathan Fillion.

    Thank you so much, E. The email you sent yesterday, your kind words here- they've meant a million dollars to me. My head is clear. I'm moving onwards and upwards.