Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bad Charlotte

So I'm now going to say which two things were the truth, and announce the winner of the lying thing.

But I'm bad, because HOMG OH NOES...drumroll...none of them were actually true! Hee hee hee! You were all just dying to find out, weren't you, and now you find out I've tricked you! What a total bastard I am.

And so, in order:

I would never, ever eat a raw potato- even the smell while peeling them makes me gip.

I've never put Sylar's face on a balloon, though once when I was a kid I bought a Data from Star Trek boxset that was made out of his head, and snogged it.

Disappointing though I know it is, I've never invented a time machine. No really. No HONESTLY. You will not find the plans sandwiched between the pages of my copy of hot erotic time travel story, Dreamers In Time.

As for the idea that this blog wasn't written by me- LOLOLOLOL. I think you all knew (and by that I mean all three of you), given the huge instances of weird craziness, that probably ONLY me could have written it.

Sadly, I've never been headbutted by a giraffe. Though once, a goat ate my skirt.

It was actually Face I fancied first, from the A-Team- ahahahaha trickster Charlotte.

I despise the Law and Order franchise, of course- so much so that I stopped watching even when Scott Cohen was in it.

And as everyone should know, I LOVE it when monkeys grab things. LOVE IT.

As for the well- I wish it too, Janine, but oh it didn't happen. Fook.

And my real name isn't Edna, of course. Because if it had been, I would have kept it as my writing name. Edna Stein sounds awesome.

However, I'm still going to pick a winner. And it has to be Madelynne, because she's the only one who doesn't already have a copy...I think. You have one, right, Janine? But I would have picked Madelynne anyway, because I love her like whoa for thinking I'm actually crazy enough to have a fun time with a Sylar balloon man. You are awesome, Madelynne Ellis.

And thanks, to Janine Ashbless and Bronwyn Green for taking part! Even though I'm a mega bastard.


  1. Yay! I win. I never win. I'm so happy :)

    Am also glad I didn't opt for the same gambit of making them all lies, because I certainly considered it. Phew.

  2. Madelynne's clearly on a roll - take at look at my blog!