Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mancandy Friday: Ewan McGregor's Penis

Yeah, you heard that right. It's Mancandy Friday! I like to shake things up. Also: I don't think it's Friday anymore. It's Mancandy Imaginary Friday!

So in honour of this made up day, I'm going to have a Mancandy that no-one will actually see, because I'm just imagining that this day still exists. Makes perfect sense, right? What better time to talk about a penis, than when I'm not going to get caught doing it?

Though in one sense, I do want people to catch me. Ewan McGregor's Penis, the actual star of the majority of his films, deserves recognition.

Here it is, in action in the otherwise largely bad Star Wars prequels:

Also check out his Obi-Wan hair. And Obi-Wan's repressed insane lusts, via the medium of him.

And then there's this:

Because this is what I really like about Ewan McGregor, his perfect, amazing, has its own trailer cock aside: the fact that he can one hundred percent convincingly play the ultimate Beta Man, without seeming like a pathetic wimp. In fact, he never seems like anything but a virile, sensuous, lusty sort of fellow.

Probably because of the humongous cock.


  1. Eeeee, he makes me cringe in Star Wars - like he's trying so hard to sound like Alec Guinness that he forgets to act. Cute though.

  2. He's like a robot of himself. But I LIKE that. I imagine all the seething passion beneath the robot exterior, just waiting for some semi-naked Sith warrior woman to beat it out of him.

    Mah kinks. They iz showin.

  3. LOL! No no no! I absolutely *do* agree with you. In fact, until I watched I Love You Philip Morris, I hadn't fancied Ewan in years. You know why? Because of that fooking program and all his constant entitled, spoilt, whiney whining! As though they were doing the whole thing for charity, or because they had to, and not because they just felt like it. Pair of babies they are!

    But that's different to me liking Obi-Wan, or Lincoln Six Echo, or Philip Morris. They are the lusty fellows I'm talking about- that Ewan is very good at playing. To me, beta does not equal whiner. Submissive is not about being a pussy. And though Ewan might be a total dick in real life (no pun intended), I don't care about that.

    I care about how convincingly he plays the above characters.

  4. Oh indeed. Ah, there's a lot to him... and I still would...