Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cover For Control!

I have to admit, I've been scared of this. Covers scare me. You just never know what you're going to get, and sometimes they don't resemble anything like what's going on in a book. I've heard horror stories from far and wide, and seen nightmares like this:

So when I get something like this:

I just have to weep tears of joy. I mean, come on. That's beautiful, right? It's got a guy and a girl on it, the colour scheme is lovely, it has "by" Charlotte Stein on it, it's sensuous and sexy and erotic without going overboard...and not only that, but by some bizarre mystery, it really really represents the contents I'm currently writing.

All I can say is that someone at Xcite has psychic powers. A man half-trapped inside a shirt, the pink knickers, the whole vibe it's giving off, of a strong woman doing stuff to some dude...I mean, none of those thing are unusual, I guess, for erotic fiction. But the fact that my book contains all of those things, prominently...I'm thrilled.

And not only that, but I now have a release date! The 8th of November. At the moment it's only available to pre-order through Xcite books:

But it should be up on Amazon very soon. I hope. In the mean time, Justine Elyot's book (which now has an equally gorgeous cover! I love this new style Xcite is going with, I really do) is available to pre-order on Amazon already, as is KD Grace's.

So what are you waiting for?


  1. Congratulations Charlotte!!! And also, congratulations on the fabulous--and as far as I'm concerned, spot-on--review of The Things That Make Me Give In this month at Erotica Revealed!


  2. oh my god, congrats to you. and i am so grateful to the universe that i did not have a mouthful of water when I saw cover number one...

    (O_O) and X-D


  3. Your book looks beautiful! But I'm a little too freaked out to say any more about it. WTF was that!!?

  4. Waaah, that first one is a shocker! Is it real?

  5. Emerald- thank you so much! I'm over the moon about both things, and about you saying it's spot on!

    Sommer- so glad people are digging it, too! And not choking when they see the amazing cover of awful.

    Jo- I don't know. I don't know. It frightens and draws me to it, in equal measures.

    Justine- it is totally real. Mrs Giggles found it and it had brief internet infamy. I think it's a self-pubbed book, and I feel bad laughing because the author probably made it herself but God. I have no art skills, but if I had to make my own cover I'd just take a picture of a sunset and have that. Or use a free pic of a sunset! Anything but that. An MS Paint version of Evan Lysacek's orange cock would be better than that.

  6. Exciting times! (In the fabulous-books-in-the-pipeline sense of the term.) Congratulations!