Saturday, August 14, 2010


So I've put the names on bits of post-its and stirred them around inside my hands, and the winners are:

Katie Reus and Tara Lain!

Just email me at, ladies, to get your fabulous free copies of Past Pleasures!

Thank you everyone, for entering and saying congrats and all those nice things, that always make me feel warm inside.

And now, because I cannot let a blog post go by without a) some kind of Mancandy and b) some kind of weirdness, here are some funny things I found, and a drawing of what I imagine Sharlto Copley's ass looks like:

Yeah. That is Hugh Jackman.

And yes, I spent time drawing this. What of it? It's not at all worrying, because if you knew me, you'd know I spend a lot of time drawing asses in Paint. No, really. Behold, the image I sent to my editor at Ellora's Cave, when she failed to believe I had a pic of Sharlto tattooed on my butt!

I don't know why my butt looks a lot like Sharlto's. Probably means it's destiny for us to be together. Yeah, that's definitely what it means.

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