Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stuff and Giveaways

Okay, so a while back I did a giveaway of Threefold and The Horizon. But no-one claimed their prizes! However, it has since occurred to me that people didn't see me announcing the winners, back there in the comments, so I thought I'd try again!

The winners were:

Jo and Kate Pearce! If you're out there, ladies, come and snaffle your prizes!

But all you millions of lovely people who are now undoubtedly stuffed full of misery at thought of not winning, never fear! Because here's the other thing I'm posting about:

Elise Hepner's rally for the beta male, featuring a massive giveaway of all the things I've ever written! Hoorah! Just visit her here and comment, and you too could be the winner of a prize that you might not know you've won!

Oh and finally, I also wanted to faint slightly over the review I got, in the JERR newsletter. Yep, they reviewed Past Pleasures. But even more miraculously than that: they liked it!

"Title: Past Pleasures: Desire Through Time 1
Author: Charlotte Stein
Publisher: Total E Bound
Reviewer: Tallyn Porter
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat Level: S

Kate Connor is a writer hired by Professor Charles Waites of Visiotech to be the guinea pig of sorts for his time machine invention. Hired to record what future Earth is like seems like something out of a Hollywood movie. But when Kate ends up in the year 3033 in the living quarters of Aley and Tem, does Kate crave to discover what this future holds especially when she finds out that women have become extinct?

Past Pleasures is a carefully crafted romantic science fiction story about finding love in the distant future. Kate is an intelligent, caring and humorous character who is the right person to be teleported to the future. Her outlook of 3033 is quite comical and laced with a sarcastic undertone which at times had me chuckling at how she perceives this pristine 1984 kind of future.

Aley and Tem have this innocent quality about them that you can’t help but be attracted to their honest and easy going personas. Aley has this direct approach to everything new while Tem is the more soft spoken character yet both are quite memorable and charming. The extinction of women in the future does give this story an interesting twist and Ms. Stein could have taken this story beyond the limits with this idea but I’m quite relieved that she focused mainly on Kate, Aley and Tem’s relationship.

I found the love scenes quite interesting as Aley and Tem had to rediscover how to be with a woman. The way they both took care of Kate as if she was a fragile piece of glass with such tenderness and passion, I just have to sigh. The complexity of Aley and Tem’s relationship was lacking something but adding Kate to their relationship definitely added spice to their lives. The sterile ambience of this futuristic story definitely provided such a lonely and desolate environment making Kate, Aley and Tem’s relationship elevate into something more like breaking all the time barriers.

I found Past Pleasures enjoyable and I look forward to reading future stories from this author."

Thank you, Tallyn!

In fact, I've had quite a bit of good feedback, for my little future-where-there's-no-women-and-then-a-woman-turns-up menage bonkathon. Behold!

Inorite? Miraculous! Just when you think you're never going to make it as an erotic romance writer and no-one will ever read your work and people might even start actively burning your books, for their crimes against literature...this happens.

The relief, she is palpable.

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