Monday, March 19, 2012

Win A Copy Of Sheltered!

So a number of pretty exciting things have been happening. Namely: Sheltered is actually proving quite popular! A lot of people seem to be rating, reading and talking about it, to the point where I'm starting to poop my pants a bit. Have never really had people mentioning my book on Amazon before, or seen people having conversations about it on Goodreads. And even when the ratings are just average and the comments a little negative, there's still a lovely overall feeling that my book is being discussed and thought about.

It's wonderful. And I haven't the faintest clue how it's happened. Sheltered's a dark book, and one that's quite personal for me. In all honesty, I thought people wouldn't like it. But I guess readers like a bit of raw angst and honest emotion, which is fantastic to know.

As is the fact that I got a mention on Dear Author! Especially surprising and delightful because I kind of thought Jane from DA didn't like my writing, but she tweeted that she really enjoyed Sheltered, and then a little while later there was a post about deals and my book got a shout out as one you should buy as part of the ARE Ellora's Cave rebate!

So all around, it's been a good writing week. A week I'm very grateful for. It's given me a much needed boost and made me believe again that I could actually make a go of this writing lark, so I'm very happy. And thankful, for all my readers out there!

And in honour of this thanky-happiness, I'm giving away two copies of Sheltered! Just comment and I'll put your name in the hat, then at the end of the week I'll randomly draw two winners. Hurrah!


  1. You shouldn't be surprised about Sheltered success. It's really, REALLY good romance. Very well balanced and with great & likeable H & h. And honestly I love heavy darkness in erotic romances(I loved "Hold" by Zannie Adams and it was even darker than "Sheltered" ;) ). The fact that we had only heroines pov made Van only more mysterious and deliciously intriguing. My only issue with this book that I wanted more, more, more. :)

    Any news about new books in near future??

    And please DO NOT put my name in the hat. ;)
    I already have my precious copy of Sheltered on my Kindle.


  2. yes please! Astahil/

  3. Hi, I'm a huge fan and would love to be entered into your competition. You always sound so surprised and humbled by your success, but you deserve it, you should have more confidence, although believe me I know that is easier said than done! I adored Control and can't wait to read more. Thanks so much, Jen x

  4. I already bought sheltered!! I just wanted to stop by to say how amazing i thought it was!!! Van seriously floated my boat! Lol and eve was just perfect! The innocence and pure sensuality was just plain hot! I even rated it at ellora's cave....which i never do no matter how i like a book (i'm just too lazy lol).

  5. Thanks everyone, for stopping by! Will be drawing this v. shortly.

    And as for you two who stopped by just to say you loved the book...well, I love you. Thanks for making an author's day!

  6. Please write a sequel!!! I loved this beautiful couple and their amazing story! I can't them out of my head.

  7. Just read your fabulous book Sheltered. Thank you for the amazing ride and the short glimpse of Evie and Van's life. It was sweet and honest. Scary and real. The slow sexual build up for the characters was beautiful and HOT! First book I read of yours and cant wait to read some more.