Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mischief: Justine Elyot

So my book with new imprint Mischief comes out today. But that's not what I'm going to talk about. Instead, I'm going to talk about another author who writes for Mischief, and her book that also releases today.

Mainly because it's orsum. She's orsum. And I feel that some of the orsum backwash is rolling off her and sliding over me, purely by virtue of our dual release date. Hooray for dual release dates!

Anyhoo - where was I? Ah yes. Justine Elyot. One of the best authors Black Lace ever had. Writer for Carina Press. Purveyor of tremendous, literary, beautiful, hot erotica.

And if I haven't impressed you enough with how orsum Justine is, and how much you should run to the nearest ebook vendor and buy her latest novella, then let me regale you with a little tale that I've probably regaled you with before.

I'm not friends with Justine Elyot cos I just met her one day on Twitter or summat and thought she was great. No no no. I'm friends with Justine Elyot because in one of the first Black Lack anthologies I was in there was another story, by a new name I didn't know. The story was electric, exciting, fresh. The voice was clear and cool and crisp. I had to know who this person was, and if she'd written anything else.

So I searched her out. And to my delight, I discovered two things: that she had her own collection of shorts coming soon, and that she was orsum. And ever since then, she's been my rock. My writing friend. My partner in crime.

But the purpose of this story is not to tell you how much of a rock Justine is. It's to tell you that I'm not promoing her novella because she's my friend. I'm doing it because I've always, and will always love her work.

And if you want to love her work too, you can find her novella, Kinky, at these places:

Still not convinced? Check the blurb:

Kinky Cupcake is much more than a meeting place for like-minded BDSM enthusiasts – it's an all-purpose play space with dungeons, boudoirs and role-play rooms galore. So when Rosie and her new friend Dimitri blag their way in, they know they are going to have to convince everyone that they’re a genuine scene couple. This isn't easy, when you've known each other all of a few hours, but they give it their best shot. The pleasures of domination and submission are explored, one by one, until Rosie and Dimitri's faked dynamic becomes all too real. But how much of their emotional bond depends on their shared sensual experiences? And the truest test of their bond is whether they can be together outside Kinky Cupcake as well as inside its chambers.

Hot right? What are you waiting for?

P.S. You can find my novel, Power Play, at these places - if you're interested in checking it out!

I'll be doing a lot more talking about it in upcoming days, but you can find out more, see the blurb, read an excerpt and purchase by following those links.


  1. Woo! It's back! I'm back :)

    Loving Justine and all she has to offer, and will be getting this soon!

  2. Oh, just love justine sooooo much, didn't realise she had a new story out, thanks for the tip off! Must get a copy asap! Jen :)

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