Monday, February 16, 2009

Man Candy Monday: Nathan Fillion

For my first Man Candy Monday, I was going to go in order of my list. You know the one I'm talking about, ladeez. Your All Time Top Ten Hot List.

But instead I'm going with who I'm macking on at the moment. And he's eminently worth macking on. He's so handsome and funny and awesome, that it hurts your heart and groin to look at him. I mean, just look at that picture. Look how amiable and casual he is in his gorgeousness. He's so casual that he could just fall right into being your husband. Your naked husband. Your constantly naked husband who stops you taking showers, because he can clean you just fine with his tongue.

But don't just take my word for his awesomeness. Someone else with a far better blog than mine said the following when they discovered that Fillion had been photoshopped:

"In fact, I am fairly certain that was one of the original Ten Commandments: When thine Canadian Nathan Fillion appears unto you, thou shalt not ruin his prettiness with thine erase tool."

Bitch, you know it, says I.

Though I wish Nathan Fillion would appear unto me. I am thy Lord God, Nathan Fillion. Appear unto me and thou shalt be undressed. Lo, I didst write a paean unto thee on my Myspace page. Wouldst thou read it?

Oh, Nathan Fillion.


  1. Oh, Charlotte! lol!

    I bet he'd get his kit off for you if he read your words.

  2. Was that oh Charlotte slightly like an exclamation one might make over the mad antics of a mad old aunt? Oh, Auntie! You baked your boobs into a pie again!

    Hee! That's me, all right. And I bet Nathan Fillion *would* get his kit off for my mad old Auntie ramblings! Cos he's just that fab.

  3. I think he's on his way over now ;).

  4. The Hammer is my penis ...


  5. I miss you like whoa bebes. Also: Matthew Fox smells of wee!