Monday, February 23, 2009

Man Candy Monday: Scott Cohen

Okay, yeah. He's kind of old now and hasn't worked in anything good in years.

But once, he looked like this:

Once he was Wolf in The 10th Kingdom, and embodied all my fantasies about a man, ever. His bubbling rough lovely passion and excitement. His boyishness lined with that sly knowledge, that mystery in him. His gorgeous skin and his green eyes and his black black abundant hair. Those tight breeches. His utter funniness and sudden sarcasm, just lurking beneath that deceptively immature seeming exterior. His stubble like rough fur.

The fact that he's a werewolf, but never turns completely gnarly. I mean, I don't care what erotic romancelandia says. I don't actually want to sleep with a giant slobbering dog.

I just want to sleep with Wolf. Always and forever, amen.

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