Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Cover!

Oh my God. So I comes onto Amazon today and what do I see? Only the cover of my fracking book.

Et voila:

How bloody gorgeous is that??? Her lips are like a big giant slippery cherry! The title looks ace! It's like those gorgeous looking Baileys ads. No chance of her not looking like all of the heroines in it. No chance of him not looking like Brandon Routh/Matthew Macfadyen/Alex O'Loughlin and instead looking some awful thug or weirdo.

Thank God, thank God.

Also- it's totally not what I ever expected my first cover to be like, back when I was considering submitting to Cronk-E Publishing. I thought my first cover would be giant manboobs accosting some bound and gagged woman. Done in crayola.

But this! It's red! It's sexy! It may not be a sexy man on the cover but seriously, with Black Lace, I don't mind as much. At least their covers are always beautiful and alluring. Which I think this is.

The only thing I wasn't sure about was the strapline. Pleasure with a perfect stranger? I mean, there are probably going to be liaisons with strangers in the stories, but even so...not quite what I hoped for. Even though I could never do better. And as hubbie pointed out- perhaps it means you. You know, I'm the perfect stranger. I like that idea.

Finally- thank God Adam suggested using that for a title. I absolutely adore it. It sums up so many of my stories so well. God bless you, Adam Nevill.

So. What do you guys think, if you're out there, listening? Too red? Too much lady on the cover? And what were your greatest triumphs and troubles with regards to covers? What covers stick in your mind?


  1. Testing, testing. This is just me checking comments are working. Hey Charlotte Stein, your cover looks awesome!

    Even though it may not now be the official cover!

  2. I think it's gert lush! In fact, I need to know what colour that lipgloss is so I can go out and buy some. What I particularly like the most is (a) you get curly brackets around the title and (b) that 'make' is in red. It is SO COOL! I'm overexcited for you! Exclamation marks for emphasis!!!! I wondered about the strapline too, but I guess they're harder to do for anthologies. Anyway, tis a thing of beauty and will look lovely on my 'private bookshelf', I'm sure.

  3. I loooove the curly bracket thingies! I was wondering how they were going to handle the title, as it's quite a bit longer than a lot of BL titles. But it looks gorge!

    Love the red make, too. If Adam does end up wanting it changed (I emailed him to say thank you, and he was all like- what what WHAT! I hadn't signed off on it! I wasn't sure! So it might end up different- I deferred to his judgement. And God, I hope this is okay to share on my blog!), I hope they keep how the title is at least.

    And apparently, the strapline is just a stand in one! So it might change too, which I would be glad about, frankly.

    I'm just relieved. After to talking to Madelynne Ellis about her red head cover, I worked myself up into a frenzy. It's going to have a blonde girl and a shaved head guy on it! ARGH!

  4. When you all find out the lipgloss' name/make please let me know, too! ;-)

    Grand cover! Also lurve the curly brackets -- punctuation marks always give that extra zing.

    Congratulations, Charlotte Stein!

  5. Congratulations Charlotte!

    (And I did try to comment yesterday but Blogger ate my comment and then Safari hung so I went weeping to bed).

    That cover is SEXY - scary sexy in fact. Freud wouldn't have to scratch his head over that one, would he? Striking and provocative - just great. (And I speak as someone with a horror of wet-look lipstick because it triggers my saliva phobia). I know the contents will be even more amazing.

  6. Thanks, Ella! I love that people love the curly brackets! If the cover does change, oh I hope they don't go most of all.

    Janine- there's been something weird going on with blogger. I turned off word veri and it seems to have fixed it, but now I'll probably get spam about making my penis bigger.

    I think Freud would have no probs with it. She's definitely about to smoke a cigar. I think there's something vaguely vampiric about it, too, which I love. Someone is about to cross oceans of time on the cover of my book.

    And thanks for saying that about the contents. You keep bigging me up, I keep squeeing and being unable to believe you. I only hope I can produce something half as good as you keep saying I am.