Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mancandy Mon- Tuesday!

Okay, so I missed Mancandy Monday. I forgot, all right? Can't you forgive me, Bertha?

What do you mean, no-one could forgive the absence of Clive? Oh, okay. I see what you mean:


Check him out. Just check him. Look at his swirling massive eyeballs of lust, swirling you into doing things you shouldn't. He's the kind of man who persuades you into having it off in a Marks and Sparks changing room, and then runs off with your underwear. He's the kind of man who would have sex with his sister (Close My Eyes) or a lactating hooker (Shoot 'Em Up). He looks like he'd start every filthy story with: so, I was in the middle of a girl sandwich, when...

He's just that bad, and craggy, and horny. Oh, Clive. I didn't love you until Closer, but then I understood. You might not be smooth and perfect and rippling with muscles, but your gun metal voice and your eyes like pale pools that somehow smolder at the same time get me every time.


  1. I have to admit, he's probably the only reason I bought Closer on DVD ;)

  2. Hee hee! He's made me buy all sorts of nonsense-King Arthur, Chancer, some TV show about football. And I watched that mad space game thing he was in.

    The sacrifices we make for mancandy, eh?

  3. Yeah - I watched "P.S I love You" (not for Clive of course, but for my mancandy). Utterly depressing film about bereavement dressed up as chick-flick. *shudders*

  4. Gerard Butler? I watched it for JDM. 'Tis true- v. depressing.

    Worst film I ever watched for mancandy? The Prophecy of the Tiger for Adam Baldwin. The horrors in that film...no woman should ever be exposed to them.

  5. Clive is made from Welsh mountain rough - yet smooth. I talk no sense now. Poor me.

    <<< The Prophecy of the Tiger for Adam Baldwin. The horrors in that film...no woman should ever be exposed to them. >>>

    This is like our 'Nam - we bonded and came through the firestorm. But at the same time THE HIGHLARITY!!!!!11111111 Open coke can with one finger! Green eye tiger spirit possession! Child bride uncomfortableness!

    Actually no - it's just crap. My face burns bright with Victorian shame.

    Your man candy picks are hitting the nicely universal strain. Good job, petal.

  6. Hee hee- our Nam! It was like Aliens! We wore helmets. You got shot and I held you and cried that you had to get through this in order to bonk Corp. Hicks!

    There is no shame when it comes to getting through that almighty warzone.

    And thanks for the good job! I want mah mancandies to be loved by all.

  7. Clive! *Sticks tongue out and licks screen*

    Oh, and you have Cake Wrecks in your blogroll - I love that blog!