Monday, March 30, 2009

Mancandy Monday: Karen Walker

Yeah, you heard that right. My...uh..."man" candy of the day is about as manly as a pink ladyshave:

Though I hear tell that she has balls and was once a boy. (And yes, that IS Karen Walker aka Megan Mullally, from Will and Grace.)

Oh, Karen Walker! I hate you for making me watch Will and Grace, but I love you for being so damned sexy that I actually stop thinking about Brandon Routh/Lee Pace for ten seconds, just to imagine giving you a little kiss goodnight like Grace does.

And then gnawing on your mighty fine ass, like Jack does.

P.S. I am now hunkered down in the writing bunker, trying to get every single story that was ever in my head down on paper before April 6th, my deadline. So if I seemed to have died, Bertha, please don't call the authorities. You can come around and poke me with a stick after I've lobbed my ball of words at Adam Nevill.


  1. Karen Walker? That is an original one!

    I used to fancy both Will and Grace until it slowly dawned on me what vile characters they actually were. Her in particular. I still have the hots for her (ex) husband, the doctor.

  2. Her voice brings me out in hives. Can't say she tickles my turnips in a faux-lesbionic way. Carla Gugino on the other hand. Swit swooo.

    Not huge or the Routh m'self but he seems like a nice enough fellow. The rumours that he may have had to boing Mr Singer to be a super kind of man, *wink wink* are interesting LOLZ.

    And peanut butter - how can anyone like that. :)

  3. I can't go for Karen - it's the voice! I do have a large number of womancrushes, though, none of whom seem to have anything in common at all.

  4. Janine- you're not wrong. I never used to watch W&G because they came across so damned vile. Over time, tho, I have started to kind of admire the fact that a major US sitcom had such vile central characters. Almost as though the writers snuck it by the execs- ha! Look how evil they are and you don't even realise it!

    But Karen...Karen is different. She knows she's vile and does. Not. Care. Yeah- I can get on board with that.

    And Sefi and Justine- the voice is a marmite/peanut butter thing fo sho. She grew on me, like a wart. My womancrushes are often as mad as my mancrushes, tho, which grow like warts just the same. One second I hate Topher Grace, the next: BAM!

    Just sent my proofs to Adam, BTW. How 'bout you guys- you got them in on time? No probs?

  5. I sent mine in the day I got them. Because I am a girly swot.

  6. You apple polisher!

    Ha- what am I saying. I came within a gnat's whisker of doing exactly the same thing, cos it's like ripping off a plaster. If you do it fast, you don't have to feel too much pain or fret too much. But then I got called away two pages from the end, and lost my bottle. Eight million stories then distracted me, and here I am: the bad egg.

    P.S. Your story was tough as nails, bebes! Clean, smooth, steely nails- loved it. Plus main character has my almost name! Always like it when that happens.

  7. I'd say I was thinking of you when I wrote it, but it's at least a year old...Thanks! I've yet to read the other SLNs - I'm waiting to finish my stories, because I tend to get overawed by other people's writing and spend hours rocking in a corner moping about how rubbish I am.

    Rocking and moping scheduled for next month!

  8. Dearest CS - I find it funny that you - a sweet natured and clean-living gal (albeit with an acid wit and erotica habit) - could love such a bitchy lush as Karen Walker. It's kind of awesome that you do though. Heck - if I had money and time like KW, I'd be mean and not care and wear excellent outfits. I'd make a wish to have her bosoms as well but i do not needed too - BOOOM!!! hehe.

    If the show was called 'Jack and Karen' - i'd like it a lot more. Actually - the thing that puts me off 'Will and Grace' are the characters of 'Will and Grace'. And my helium voiced chick of choice is teh Cheno.

    I don't know what proofs are but best of luck to all the lovely authoresses! :)

  9. Sorry I haven't replied in a while- but obvious reasons.

    Justine- I'd say don't be daft, but I know how you feel. Madelynne Ellis' story is like the better version of mine. I suck, etc. But I do find that reading stories better than mine pushes me to be better.

    And Sef- I always find myself liking horrid characters! Especially women who have the guts to be tough onscreen. I like that food critic- Kate Spicer- because she's cold and sour and evoool.

    Chenoweth is a sweetheart, though. I like sweethearts, too!

    Oh, and proofs are just when the editor/copyeditor has looked over your stuff and made corrections, and then you go over it and check it, too. Far easier with Black Lace than I ever thought it would be- no red pen, no massive alterations. If it needs a bigger fix, ed. usually just emails and sees what we can do. Or at least, that's been my experience so far.