Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mancandy Mon- Wednesday: Kyle Reese

I wish he'd come across time for me.

Though I don't think I'd like all the terminators that can look like anything running about the place. Unless they also looked like Michael Biehn back when he was hot and not an aging z-movie nobody with a coke and groping problem.

But oh back in the day...he had me burning. He had me burning. He had me burning in the thiiiirdd degreee-eeeee.*

P.S. The novels I was going to (and still am, insanely) send to Adam now fill me with hatred and evol. I want to kill them. They're long and boring and full of head-chatter and there's no sex. What was I thinking? On the upside, my latest WIP (a paranormal about an incubus) is rollicking along like there's no tomorrow! Though I'm sure I'll hate it by the time it comes to sending it somewhere.

*If you know what these song lyrics are about, you've seen Terminator too many times.


  1. He was hot in Aliens too. *sigh*
    Such a pity. But 2 iconic films is pretty good going!

  2. Oh yes- Corporal Hicks. Willing to smash through a glass window for you. Yum.

    And it is pretty good going- just not enough for me who would have liked to see him in the smash 80s hit: "Michael Biehn Takes His Clothes Off and Rolls Around In Oil".

  3. Oh, I love him. When I was a teenager, I spray-painted my bedroom walls graffiti-style. And I had "Reese" on one wall. Way up high. Damn.


  4. Oh good Lord. Alison Tyler commented on my blog and I've only just seen it.

    And about Kyle Reese, who is so sexy he deserves a spray painted place on anyone's wall.

    I don't know if you'll ever see my reply, but thank you anyway for visiting me!

  5. i have officially seen terminator way too many times... do you blame me though? that hot body would be reason enough surely!