Friday, May 29, 2009

Free Book!

I have no idea if this will work, but since I have two copies of the very fabulous Liaisons, I thought I'd give it a shot. Maybe no-one will want it. Maybe barely anyone but you, Bertha, reads this blog- and those others that do are probably already in Liaisons.

But if you're not in it, and don't already have it, and aren't Bertha, I'd like to give away a book to you. It's worth having! It's got great stories in it- not just my little efforts! Check it out on my sidebar, if you're wanting to know more.

And all you have to do to get it wending through the post to you is comment, and tell me all about a recent review you've done of a Black Lace book. Any Black Lace book. A review of it anywhere- Amazon, Waterstones, whatever. Did you like that particular BL title? Did you hate it?

Enquiring minds would like to know. And also want to see more Black Lace books reviewed to within an inch of their lives.

I shall pick a winner at random, should anyone choose to comment and...uh...enter. So your review doesn't have to be THE MOST AWESOME REVIEW OF ALL TIME!1! Sometimes a "this rox" is just as good as heavenly shades of night are falling, I feel. And "this sux" stings just as much as what fresh hell is theese. Right?


  1. Damn - I have a copy already. This is a good thing of course because it means I'm in it. But I can't win. and it is a particularly strong collection, I think.

    Congrats on taking lead story in The Affair, Charlotte!

  2. Charlotte,
    I need to have it... more Black Lace!! Here's my recent Amazon review of (coincidentally?) Ms. Ashbless's Cruel Intentions: You will not be disappointed! This lady certainly has a way with words and this is a book not to be missed. I found myself thinking what an imagination! She lures you into each story by deeply developing each character which is abnormal in erotic fiction. Very interesting characters and very unusual stories... definitely a page turner. Well done, Ms. Ashbless. I can hardly wait to read more of her fiction! *gigi*

  3. Yeah! It worked! An actual person commenting and wanting Liaisons! And you've reviewed one of my fave writers and all round good egg, Janine Ashbless!

    Thanks for responding, Gigi! It's great knowing that there are people out there reading and enjoying BL books. Especially when they're as amazing as Cruel Enchantment.

    I think I shall keep this thingie open for a week, and see if anyone else would like to take a shot at winning a copy.

  4. Janine- it is a fantastic collection. I was doubly psyched to have two stories in it, because all the other stories are so cool.

    And thanks for the congrats! Can't believe I'm first again. Feel kind of weird about it, truth be told. Like a naughty young upstart, barging into collections with her polished apples.

    But it's still v. exciting.

  5. Send me books. Me. Send them. TO ME. SEF. Send to Sef. Sef loves books especially free books. Free dirty books signed by author. Author who is also friend. BOOKS. SEND.

    I've been sick *cough*. I am doing puppy eyes whilst being poorly. I can comment on a BL story. I will even post a review on Amazon. That failing - I also have a picture of a man with a kitten in his beard.

    So yeah - I enter competition. Sef. The Hollow. Bag End. Under the tarpolin, eating a Cadbury's Caramel and watching The Thick Of It on YouTube. Heehee. I love funny swearing.

  6. Actually, I'm cheating and not entering the competition properly when other people have done so.

    You made rools about the review and I just post a kitten picture and talk about caramels and Malcolm Tucker fetish and how he can tell me to f**k off in no uncertain terms any day of the week. I'm like one of those sad American Idol fans who want Simon Cowell to insult them.

    That's not in a BL book. It's just my mind. Sorry. I withdraw and go back under the tarpolin.

  7. Sefi!!111 You can enter, my dahlink! I don't see why not. You've read my story in Lust At First Bites, right? If that's the only BL thing you've read, post a review of that on Amazon or whereever! If you've never read any BL titles, then all the better- I'm gonna draw you into that dark and mysterious world.

    Poor Sefi being all sick- and posting me pics of men with kittehs in beards! Get better, hon.


    Hey- you seen me, twittering? Look at my twits, over there, on my sidebar!


    (Pathetic overexcitement emoticon)

  9. CS - merci and I will try to do a review for you once I figure out what I should write. Not seen you tweets but will defo add you. I don't use Twitter much. I find it mostly pointless but your's will be my fav.

    Justine. Hell yeah. I loves teh Capaldi. The fact he will be in Torchwood looking like Malcolm and shouting at people on a phone makes my heart sing with joy.

    I also like Jamie MacDonald who is, as Genius Iannucci describes as Malcolm's "creature from the dungeon".

  10. You're on Twitter, Sef? Under what? Who? Where?

    Squee at friends having mutual interests!