Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Self-Absorbed Updates

Let's see:

I've had an acceptance for something. But can't share it. In fact, I'm not even sure when I'll be able to share it or even if it's wrong to put "something", because I'm certain you'll know what I mean, Bertha.

But I want to share this vague something so that I can also share a rejection- from Cleis, for their vamp antho. It's the circle of life. The wheel of fortune. One up, one down. Etc. I feel much better about it than I probably should, however, because although it could have been a form reject given to everyone, it seemed personal and there was lots of nice "you made it to the final round of cuts" type talk. Plus I had kind of started to think that my story was so rubbish, it didn't even warrant a response. I know someone else got a reject for it a while back, and my stupid brain was all: oh noooooesss!1!11 Not even good enough for an email to say you're not good enough!

So it was a relief to hear.

I've also submitted something, very stupidly, to Best Women's Erotica. Stupidly because it's being edited by Violet Blue, who is ten types of awesome and intimidates me with her sexy awesomeness, stupid because I think I may not have made the deadline, considering I emailed it at about 1pm on the 30th, stupid because I do not know if I formatted the sucker right, stupid because it's BEST Women's Erotica, for God's sake, and finally stupid because after I'd written the story and quite liked it, I realised that it's sort of about infidelity, which is one of the themes that has to be exceptional to make it in. So I've basically got no chance, but I'm proud of myself for getting back up on my feet after a couple of knocks and going for a big gun like that.

Next up: I want to write something for Samhain's Space Opera call, and maybe something for Total-E-Bound's shapeshifter call. I want to get my proposals off to Adam...I'm just crossing my fingers that he's still interested. For some reason I've got this terrible sinking feeling that I can't shake, like I've done something wrong or am about to do something wrong or this is basically it for my career. I keep seeing one magpie. I f*cking hate magpies.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, Bertha.


  1. That isn't a magpie--it was a(n) [insert Latin name of favorite "good-luck bird" here]. I can see from here.

  2. Oops, please pardon isn't/was tense inconsistency. Half-assed revision to blame. (Yes, I'm one of those neurotics who can't even post a two-line comment without rewriting several times.)

  3. Do you think I care about tenses when you were nice enough to reassure me over my mad fear of one magpie?

    And it isn't being neurotic! No no no! It's called "being a perfectionist". And a very nice perfectionist, at that.

  4. Congratulations on the "something," and sorry about the Vamp antho. And, I wouldn't start worrying yet about Violet Blue. Just see what happens. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  5. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't make the vamp antho either, but because I was too late for the deadline - think I messed up on timezones somewhere because I definitely sent it on time! :( I, also, have submitted to Best Women's Erotica, so fingers crossed for us both! x

  6. Thanks Ella! I think I'm succeeding with the not worrying- mainly because I honestly don't think I have a shot. With the vamp one I thought I did. So I'm defo more relaxed.

    Lucy- oh no! I hate stupid timezones! It makes it so weird waiting to hear, too, because it gets to 6pm here and you think- well, I'm not going to hear today. And then you get an email in your inbox at 11pm. I also never know how to take deadlines. Does it mean close of business on the 1st? Or do you have to get it in before the 1st? I don't know if I've managed it but I'll guess I'll see (hopefully).

    All v. confusing. So sorry that happened to you! *crosses fingers with Lucy*

  7. Space opera sounds like mucho fun! Yes, 'Best Women's Erotica' is a slightly intimidating title, but I think that makes my inevitable rejection much easier to deal with. Like, at least I didn't get rejected from 'Third Best Women's Erotica' - that would be harsh!

  8. Hee hee! How about Not That Great Women's Erotica? Pretty Crappy Women's Erotica? I'd be a shoe in!

    And inevitable rejection- what-evs!

  9. lol!
    I too have submitted for BWE and haven't got my hopes up. Twice in two years would be too lucky! Besides, bits of the story keep going through my head and making me wince as I think "God that's terrible. I should have rewritten. I should have rewritten..." Aaarggh!

    But I think I know which acceptance you're not allowed to talk about yet, heh heh...

  10. Oh, Janine. What am I going to do with you? Twice in two years wouldn't mean lucky! It would just mean that you're Janine Ashbless!

    But I always get that wince. With this story, my wince is "that sort of twist just doesn't work! It's daft!".

    With the acceptance, I feel like I could probably talk about it now. But was told not until the letters go out so shhhhhhh, Charlotte, or be banished from publishing forever!