Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mancandy Mon- Tuesday: True Blood

I couldn't decide who to have for this belated Mancandy Monday. Mainly because the show True Blood is so full of pretty it should be outlawed.

But in particular I appreciate Sam Merlotte:

Who occasionally turns into this:

Bestiality: It's not just for weirdoes anymore.
And then there's this gigantic hunk of Swede:

He's also a hunk of cucumber, carrot and aubergine. Especially aubergine. Plus he has this amazing accent, the kind of accent that Stellan Skarsgard usually melts me with. On his son it's even better, because it's like this essence of Stellan in the body of a 6"5 young buck. It's this ancient cold...otherness, like he lived in the forests of dark European countries that had different names 1000 years ago.

I sure hope they do the whole "Eric has no memory" storyline on True Blood. Oh, what I could do with distilled-Stellan-1000-years-old Eric Northman, if he had no memory.


  1. Wahay! You're back!

    Okay, okay, I'm going to end up watching Trublood. Just for the mancandy, you understand.

  2. YAY BACK!!!

    Ooooh this Skarsgard fellow is nice. I shall have to research more. xxx

  3. Sorry I haven't replied, guys. I'm all over the place at the moment, and kept forgetting. You'll probably never see this message now, telling you how how much I appreciate the wahays and the yays.

    Ah well. At least you might now watch True Blood, which totally deserves it. If only for the mancandy.