Monday, August 31, 2009

Mancandy Monday: Sam Rockwell

Yes, Sam Rockwell falls into the "some weirdo" category. But he deserves his own Mancandy Monday, I feel. Because I first loved him in the awful Charlie's Angels movie, which I came out of all those years ago saying: who was that guy?

I still remember that feeling of who was that guy. I wish he was more than who was that guy, now, but he's still the quirky indie kid who never does what you expect him to. He plays psychotic funny and funny psychotic and then BAM! Is suddenly in a sci-fi movie.

I wish he was in more sci-fi. His two best movies, Galaxy Quest and Moon, are sci-fi. I think he's just too weird and quirky to be contained in serious dramas. He needs otherworldly, he needs to advise people to make rudimentary lathes, he needs to be scared and desperate and running away from xenomorphs, maybe.

While looking like this:

Or this:

What? Don't look at me like that. Just trust me: with Sam Rockwell, the bigger the moustache and the wilder the hair, the more aliens he's saved you from and the better the crazy sex is going to be.

Or at least, that's the way it always is, in my head.


  1. He reminds me of the mancandy that is The Oldman of Gary. He has that longish but not long hair and the ability to grow whispy facial hair of a french dude from 'them' days.
    Oh tis Astrid BTW. But it's Eliza on here.

  2. Astrid!!!! You've visited my blog!! Yeah!

    And yes, he's very like Gary Oldman. He's from that subset of my harem: short, full of energy, weird, possibly violent. With facial hair from them days.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  3. He is just like Oldman's wee cute American brother. I've fancied Rockwell ever since 'Box of Moonlight' when he gets his bits out and is a bit weird. And 'Lawn Dogs'* - when he is just so awesome and has abs that would make Viggo Mortenson beat a cushion with envy. So yeah - 10 years ago. Crikey. Here's to 10 more years of Rockwell.

    Nobody has mentioned Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - who'd a thought old pouty-face, Julia Roberts could be so darn hot quoting literature? THAT SCENE.

    * Mischa Barton - where did it all go wrong?

  4. also - ELIZA DONTKU we shall call you, my petal. glad you are here. ;)

  5. Tee hee - I'm liking the name. Like the Mighty one this lil fella came to my attention during the crap that was Charlie's angels. I think he has got top quality acting chops in there. He's also in Nixon/Frost looking all serious and passionate. Go see if you haven't it rocks. Also it contains one of my favourite man candies Michael Sheen. Yummers
    Glad to be her ladies.

  6. Lawn Dogs is defo one of my fave Rockwell movies. It inspired many a "rich daughter of posh family getting it on with the forbidden lawn boy" thoughts. And I do like Confessions. I do. But I prefer him in Welcome to Collinwood. Confessions reigned him in, a bit, and I like him totally bonkers.

    And Eliza- Frost/Nixon, good call. It's a veritable buffet of hot men. A feast, for the senses. Michael Sheen, Sam Rockwell, Matthew Macfadyen, Oliver Platt. They could have just called it "Charlotte's Harem".