Sunday, August 30, 2009

On Demand

You want to know why Justine Elyot is great? Because she wrote Advanced Corsetry, The Number, Office Sex and The Interview, all awesome stories that feature in Black Lace anthologies. She is a fresh and exciting new voice in erotica, and I find it amazing that I can say that without feeling like I'm delivering an insincere soundbite. Not only are her stories really well written, interesting and layered, they're also horny.

So you'll forgive me for getting excited because her own collection of short stories, On Demand, comes out in December. Or at least, I hope it does. Currently, Amazon seems to be dickering about with the date, which displeases me greatly.

I want On Demand now, dammit. Heh. No pun intended.

But anyway, support my sister in Black Lace and pre-order her fabulous book here: http://


  1. reading how you discribe her writing i want on demand

  2. but first i want your book!!! yes..thats what i want...:-)

  3. Waaaah! hee hee hee. I feel all coy, like when the teacher used to read out my essay in front of the class.

    Thanks, doll - you're a star! And not long to go till your luscious wet lips are on the shelves now - can't wait!

  4. Aw, thanks Danielle! Your support of Black Lace authors in trying times has been a great source of comfort, I tell you what.

    And Justine- no problem, hon. It was very, very easy to say and do.