Sunday, October 11, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Jeremy Edwards!! Yeah!!!

Yes, the lovely Jeremy got picked out of the hat (actual thing I picked out of: an old ice-cream tub) completely at random, and so wins a copy of my super duper book The Things That Make Me Give In.

Hopefully you'll see this, Jeremy, so I can send you your copy. Just email me at with the address you want it sent to, and I'll get that in the post as soon as possible.

And I just want to finish by saying thank you, to Jeremy, Danielle, Emerald, T. Harrison, Justine (I know you didn't enter cos you bought it, but even so!) and Sefi, for taking the time to enter and comment and be lovely. I wish I had copies for you all, but unfortunately my relatives have pretty much stolen all of them.

Stupid relatives.


  1. O lucky man! Thank you thank you thank you Charlotte (and ice-cream tub--I'm sure the ice cream you curated in your heyday was the most delicious ice cream ever)! I can't wait to see you make my mailbox give in. Shall send postal details forthwith and instanter.

  2. I feel happy to have the chance to buy it, actually, so to support your work! :) Thank you and congratulations again.

    Congrats Jeremy! ;) (LOL @ "make my mailbox give in"!!)

  3. Jeremy- it was Walls vanilla. V. boring but the tub has been in our family for years, now. It's practically ready for Cash In The Attic. Can't wait to make your mailbox quiver, and I hope you like it!

    Emerald- what a lovely thing to say! Thank you, mah dear.

  4. Congrats, Jeremy.

    Uh, you let your relatives have copies! Clearly, I'm a meanie. I make them buy there own copies from the bookstore.

  5. I forced some of them to buy copies! And some of them offered to buy copies. But some, yes, I did just give copies to. Maybe not a very good business move, but then I'm not a very good businesswoman.