Friday, October 23, 2009


I know I'm supposed to use this blog to promote my writing and whatever, but seriously- don't do it, Heroes. If you kill Sylar, where will all the sex in the world go? You're making a sex abyss, Heroes, and I hate you for it.

Kill someone less sexy! Mohinder would be sexy, but he's fookin' boring so he'd barely create a sex sinkhole. Plenty of sex would be left for everyone, if Mohinder died! And yes, there'd be less scope for Mylar fanfic, but Sylar could have sex with a table and I'd be happy.

I shall call this new pairing: TabLar.

But I digress.

Kill Hiro! He is extremely not sexy. He acts like he's twelve and he's carking it now anyway! We all know he's never going to become sexy cool goatee Hiro, because you never follow through on anything, Heroes. It's how I know that Sylar is going to be the "unexpected" "male character" "who dies", because although it looks like he's going down the route of becoming that weird ass Sylar in the future with a kid (he's a blank slate, he's hooking up with that blonde chick), YOU NEVER FOLLOW THROUGH.

So it's not going to happen. Instead he's going to die. And you'll only have yourselves to blame, when sex stops calling you.

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