Monday, October 26, 2009

Mancandy Monday: Murdock, From The A-Team

When I was far too young to be fancying full grown men (though in truth, I've never fancied anything but), I wanted to snog Face, from the A-Team. Everyone else wanted to snog Corey Haim, but not me. I wanted Face.

Until a pattern emerged- one that would continue with me for the rest of my life. I call it: "starting to fancy the non-obvious guy". Suddenly, v. handsome guy starts not being enough for me. Isn't he just a little bit too handsome? A bit too smug, a bit too smooth around the edges. He's practically an apple.

Where as I always want lychees: the scariest, weirdest, most eyeball-like of all fruits. The fruit you've never heard of and which terrifies you.

So I started fancying Murdock.

Mad, big tiger jacket wearing, sock puppet loving, practically bald Murdock. Murdock, who spent his time trying to enrage a gigantic mohawked man. Murdock, who would never be as handsome as Face, but who I loved, regardless.

I wanted to escape a mental ward with him in a helicopter. And then snog, naturally.

Of course now, I want to do many, many other things to him. And especially as he's soon to look a lot like Sharlto Copley, who has a spectacular head of hair but makes me think he's still somehow bald underneath that baseball cap.

I don't care how bald you are, Murdock. How weird and non-obvious. I love you anyway.


  1. Nah - Murdoch was weird and funny and sometimes, that is hot. My friend really liked him too. His James Mason voice was especially funny.

    I think Dirk Benedict was my first TV crush also. In BSG the original too but I did't like the mullet or the crushed brown velour tracksuits.

    Remember this? It's like Galaxy Quest retro brilliance. Another crush back in teh day.

  2. His James Mason is amazing! So rich and creamy. He was great with weird accents!

    I used to watch a bit of BSG (though never Buck Rogers). And mainly for Dirk. But it's Ethel who loves original BSG- ha! I remember him trying to explain to me in an embarrassed sort of way that the robotic teddy was a monkey in a costume.