Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big News

Okay, so I went back and forth about whether I should talk about this on my blog, yet. But the editor has said I can and I got the contract through today (so quickly!) so I think it's safe. I'm scared of jinxing it and somehow I still don't think it's real, goes.

I'm going to be writing a novel for Xcite books! An entire novel! My second full length book! I'm actually getting the opportunity to write a second book, which after the summer I've had seems like some sort of miracle.

Of course I know that other authors have it far worse than me. That really, Black Lace closing is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Bad Things That Can Happen To Writers. But I did really feel as though I'd failed, somehow- that my dream of being a writer had ended, no matter how daft that might seem to the tough and hardy amongst you, out there.

So to have this opportunity again is just...I wish there was some writing God I could now make a grateful sacrifice to. Or someone I could thank. Of course I've thanked Adam Nevill. I mean, just because he liked me at Black Lace, did not in any way mean he was going to either a) like me at Xcite or b) be able to persuade the top brass there that I'm any good. So I should probably thank the top brass at Xcite.

But also Justine Elyot, who kept me going when times got rough. And Saskia Walker, Janine Ashbless, Jeremy Edwards, Madelynne Ellis, Portia Da Costa, Danielle, the LOFG forum gals...all you guys, everyone who has twittered me or commented on my blog and just kept me going. Christine Riley, my new ed. at Total-E-Bound, who's helped me get the faith back in myself. Lizzie, who made me do all of this in the first place. And Sefi, who is always my good friend whether I'm a writer or not.

It means so much to have that support, when writing can be so lonely and terrifying. So I swear, I will make it my mission in life to help any writer just starting out. That's how I'll pay it back. If you're out there, and there's a cheering word I can give you, I'll find you and give it. Don't give up. Don't ever give up, okay? It's been a year for me of steep lows and dizzying highs, but I've loved it all and wouldn't trade it for anything.


  1. *Cheering loudly* You go girl, that's terrific news!!

  2. that is one big goods news..awsome:-)

  3. Well, wow wow wow!!! Such awesome, awesome news for fans of fabulous erotica!

    And I guess this makes us book-siblings or something. Big, congratulatory hugs, Sis!! So happy for you (and for us, your readers).

  4. Sheer awesomeness! (Bit of an awesome theme in the comments here - which is telling!) You were not, in the words of your Total E-Bound title, Waiting in Vain after all! Get in!

  5. Saskia- thank you! I'm going! I'm going!

    Damielle- I know- it's immense and awesome! I'm stoked. Thank you!

    Jeremy- can't tell you how thrilled I am to be your book sibling. And to hear you use the words "your readers". I have readers! *hugs back*

    Justine- thanks, for everything. It's all just too awesome for words.

  6. DAHLINK - this means all the more to celebrate when I see thee.

    Yes - even if you become an astronaut or go to prison, I will be your friend. x

  7. That's brilliant Charlotte!! I knew we'd see you in print again. And praise the Writing God for Adam Nevill.

  8. Huge happy congrats, Charlotte! I'm thrilled for you! (Also thrilled for me...because it means there's more Charlotte to go around.)

  9. Sefi- I KNEW you would. You'd bring me a nail file in a cake, wouldn't you!

    Janine- Your faith is much appreciated. And I shall bow with you to the Writing God, for Adam Nevill.

    Madelynne- thanks, hon!

    Bronwyn- Lovely to see you here! There's plenty of me for everyone. Probably more than most will actually want!

  10. hooray hooray hooray!

    A pal of mine is about to start what he has described as a 'smutzine' so I'm about to attempt my first ever you'll-only-be-able-to-read-this-with-one-hand-on-the-zine story.

    I'm slightly terrified, but I'll be looking at your writing for inspiration (of the non-plagarising kind!) because you are ace.

    Lots of luck with the writing!

  11. Hello Julia! Thanks for stopping by.

    And don't be terrified- just go for it! I was terrified too when I first sent something somewhere, but I'm thankful every day that I did it. Your blog looks really interesting and there's so much cool stuff on there- you'll be fine.

    And thanks so much for saying my writing inspires you! Wow!

  12. I can sense me getting a little like Sally Field's Oscar acceptance speech here ("you like me! you really like me!") but WOW. Thank you!

    Writing can such a solitary, glued to the computer undertaking sometimes that it is downright splendid to have excellent people to give a pat on the back every now and then.

    Right, to work...