Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mancandy Monday: Mr Sweater Vest

I'm deep in enemy territory, at the moment. And by "enemy", I mean "sweater vest", and by "territory" I mean "my book", which features a dude modelling a sweater vest constantly, for nothing more than my sexual pleasure. So I'm cheating, and revisiting my old favourite: Guy Wearing Sweater Vest.

I think I'm going to have to rename this segment of my blog "Random Weirdo Monday". Because folks, there's precious little candy here. To anyone but me. And other people who want uptight repressed dudes in sweater vests.
This one's for you, secret sweater vest lover:

It's all his fault.

You can see where I've gone wrong here, can't you. It's all right. You don't have to tell me.

The King of the Sweater Vests, Chandler Bing. He leads the dance all the way down to Marks and Spencer's.

Technically not a sweater vest, I know. But fook, I've got to have some pretty somewhere on here.
And this is definitely, definitely not a sweater vest. You see, there are levels of sweater vest- all the way from the magnificent no-buttons-kind-of-tight-around-the-shoulders-olive-green nightmare, down to what is, essentially, a waistcoat.

I will allow a waistcoat, if Lee Pace is the one wearing said garment. Otherwise, waistcoats are right out. They're banned, from my Guys Who Wear Sweater Vests and Nothing Else club.

Sorry, waistcoats. You're just not weird enough, for my liking.


  1. Ah, Charlotte, you crack me up. I love your Guys Who Wear Sweater Vests obsession.

  2. That last guy looks remarkably like Colin Farrell. C'mon Charlotte - you can't fancy Colin Farell - he's way too conventional a sex-object!

    How I'll miss your blog while I'm on holiday...

  3. You take the tank tops and I'll have the waistcoats - is that a fair division of labour?

  4. Madelynne- hee hee! Thought it might tickle you, hon.

    Janine- ARGH NO! I have veered into conventional territory!! Doesn't the absolutely insane picture of Wikus make up for it? Because I was laughing as I chose that pic to put up- he looks like some sort of Uber Dork. Like dork condensed.

    But really, Lee Pace looks nothing like Colin Farrell. His eyebrows are too massive- like Sylar's. But he is most likely the most conventionally handsome man I fancy. Apart from maybe Brandon Routh.

    OMG I forgot Clark Kent as one of my sweater vesters! Hopefully Gabriel Gray looks Clark Kent-y enough to make up for it.

    Justine- knew you'd come to my rescue. You can take the waistcoat pressure off my shoulders.

  5. I'd completely forgotten, but one of my favorite articles of clothing when I was a teen was a burgundy sweater-vest, which (apologies to any of you with weak stomachs) I typically wore with a canary-yellow oxford shirt and a burgundy tie with thin white stripes. (This would have been for slightly "dressy" occasions, as ordinary garb was an ugly polo shirt with corduroys.)

    It was the 1970s. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    And I believe I was immortalized in a local newspaper in this outfit.

  6. That outfit DESERVES to be immortalised. I am going to dress my hero in it, right now. Burgundy and yellow: the ultimate.

    You rock, Jeremy!

  7. : ) Wow, your hero in my teenage colors!!

  8. I love this observation - it's the Disney Dad style sexxor. Always partial too it myself. It says 'hidden depths' and also 'stability'.

    But I am not from Idaho or Texas or whatever them places. So I refuse to use the term 'sweater' or 'vest' - the latter is what people (old men usually) wear under their shirts. It's a tank top, girl. Not as sexy or punchy but more patriotic. Noel Edmonds in the 70s. Cheggers Plays Pop. TANK TOP.

    We shall compromise - I suppose you can use the term to describe actual Uhmericans. I know too many Yanks in real life to allow myself to use a non-Britishism.

    Lee Pace looks nowt like Farrell aside that one photograph. He does look dapper in a waistcoat though.

  9. Disney Dad- hee hee! Don't so much care about the stability, tho. Care more about the hidden repressed depths just waiting to be unbuttoned.

    As for sweater vest being American and tank top being British- I just prefer sweater vest. It sounds as silly as Wikus looks. Plus I don't really care about who uses this or that term. Except for sidewalk. I care about that one.

  10. What I mean is that although they appear stable. Appearing unstable is not really as appealing although you do love Cal from My Demon Lover. :)

    I prefer British terms. I'm just old fashioned that way.

  11. I definitely prefer utter maniacs. Who live in bins and attack women with fruitburgers.

    And I don't mind that you prefer British terms. Everyone's allowed to be a stickler for one thing or another!