Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yet More Lovely Things In A Way That's Starting To Freak Me Out

This run of luck is really getting out of hand, now. I'm starting to be embarrassed about it, like a person who keeps winning the lottery every week. You'd hate that person, right? It's okay. I hate me too. Fookin' little apple polisher that I am.

Anyhoo, enough about my self-hatred and constant lottery winning. On to the lottery wins themselves!

First up, Michelle Buonfiglio, awesome romance community blogger and reviewer and one of the Big Five (Dear Author, Smart Bitches, Mrs Giggles, Karen Knows Best and Michelle's blog: Romance Buy The Book) commented on my cover on the B&N Unabashedly bookish blog, here:

She had this to say about the cover:

"Anything but classic romance-novel cover, Charlotte Stein's "The Things that Make Me Give In" is stunning and alluring in its stark communication of intent to meet readers' expectations."

And then this, to say about the book itself:

" of the sexiest erotic-romance reads of 2009."

To which I say this:


I had to email the lovely Michelle to ask her if she actually really meant it. I kept checking the blog, to make sure she wasn't talking about someone else. I thought perhaps it was just one of those comments you make, you know, to be nice.

I have not recovered from her reply, in which she informed me that no, actually, she meant it. And that she'd read the book. And that she'd liked it. There are several levels of enjoyment here, I feel:

a) Michelle Buonfiglio actually noticed my book, amidst all the thousands of books she must get sent daily.

b) Not only did she notice it, she also read it. Yet another real live person actually read my book!

c) Not only did she read it, she also liked it.

d) She also then wrote about it, on the internet.

e) And provided me with a truly orsum cover quote for my next book. It's so orsum I might have to have it on my blog somewhere. It's so orsum that it contravenes my wariness of self-promotion and bragging and the like.

And as if that wasn't enough, I also heard that I'm going to be in the Xcite Valentine anthology, which you can see now listed on my sidebar of Ultimate Bragging. Or at least, I think that's the right cover and book (Janine Ashbless sez so, and I trust her). Getting into it was all a bit mysterious and last minute and things, and I followed the old rule rather than stopping to see what antho it was: if an editor asks you if you'd like to try for something, you drop everything and do it, immediatly.

My luck is soooo going to run out any minute. Right, single magpies?


  1. Those aren't magpies, they're Guernsey ground-warblers. Very good luck. (Not that it's luck making your successes.)

    Congrats on the awesome review, which is exactly the kind of review your book can be expected to garner! I'm still in the middle of Things That Make Me Go, 'Wow! Charlotte Is Brilliant!'--and savoring every minute of it.

    Btw, I just noticed that our Valentine's antho will be released the same day as my novel. So the two releases can be each other's Valentines!

  2. Guernsey ground-warblers, yeah!

    Glad you're still liking the book! Find it hard to wrap my head around people reading it and liking it, but you always make me feel like it's possible.

    And yeah for books being each other's Valentines! You've got a primo release date/time, there.

  3. The Old Rule is a very good rule in my opinion - a reputation for being willing and able to provide high-quality work - even at short notice - to an editor, is very valuable!

  4. PS - it was Adam who said it was this book, and I think he'll know!

  5. Well done on all the lovely things - you deserve it! And I'm in the Valentine's Xcite book too - we'll be book buddies! :)

  6. Janine- exactly! And even though you might be swamped, better to be swamped and stockpile for when those lean months come around. And I knew you'd know from the official source- I trust you! You've not steered me wrong, yet!

    Lucy- thanks so much, hon! And yay book buddies! I'm getting to be amongst such good company, lately-it's fab.

  7. Congratulations on a fabulous review, Charlotte! How exciting.

    Btw I pre-ordered my copy today. :)