Monday, December 28, 2009

New Release: Waiting In Vain!

That's right. I have a new mini-novella out today, right on my birthday sequel! (I get two birthday days this year, because yesterday, I was thirty. So it's birthday one, and birthday two: electric boogaloo).

Isn't that fabulous? Not only is it an actual story what I have wrote that's being released from a real place and everything, but it's my first from the amazing Total-E-Bound, it's Christmas themed, it stars an Alex O'Loughlin look-a-like, I thought I'd never be published again after my publisher closed and it's being released on Birthday Two! Excitement!!

Here's the blurb:
His desires aren't going to wait for her any longer...When Nancy is invited to her sister-in-law's Christmas get-together so that she won't be alone over the holidays, she doesn't have the heart to refuse. They've been nothing but fun in the past, after all.

But Nancy isn't counting on just how much fun it's going to be this year. Sexy, sultry Mick Hennessey is on the prowl, and he isn't about to stop at a sly hand on her thigh under the dining room table. He wants to see how far he can push her, even if it means risking her heart on top of her most secret desires.

Here's the link:

(Only 1.69! It's a Crimbo bargain! All the Charlotte Stein flavour, none of the bank breaking)

And here's a pic of my hunk of the moment, wearing a Christmas hat:

Mmmm, hunky. And also, not as droopy as that hat suggests. And my story has nothing to do with vampires, so I don't know why I've used a vampire hunk. But there it is. Alexander Skarsgard's hotness transcends sense.

Anyway, enough about me. How are you? How was your Christmas? Did some sexy man launch himself at you like a laser guided sexy missile? I tell you what, if you tell me about your Christmas, I will reward your seasonal spirit by putting you in a giant hat and shaking you around. Orsum, eh? And then I shall pick one of you at random to receive a free totally free fab copy of Waiting In Vain!

I'm practically Santa Clause. The Alexander Skarsgard version.


  1. i gotta say...that hat cracked me up. it is, indeed, orsum. congrats! ;)

    p.s. my christmas was rather grisly so i'll spare you the details. (o_O)

  2. Thanks, Sommer! Sorry to hear about the grisly Crimbo- hope things are nicer and more Crimbo-y now.

    Your name is now in the hat. You might not want to be in the hat, but believe me- it's nice being that close to Alexander Skarsgard's hair.

  3. No more waiting for "Waiting"! Huzzah!

    Don't put my name in your birthday crown, since (a) I won last time around, and (b) I've already visited TEB for WIV.

  4. I think I could stretch to £1.69! But, since I never win anything and I might be in with a chance here, I'll enter all the same. Come on, hat!

  5. Have you really, Jezzer? That makes me feel so nice inside! Thank you!

    Justine- you're in the hat, dahlink!

    Janine- fanks! Can I also put you in the hat? Anyone who wishes me happy bday goes in the hat!