Monday, January 25, 2010

Mancandy Monday: Tem and Aley

I know it's weird having characters you created as Monday Mancandy. I know it is. But I lo-ho-ho-ove them, all right?

They're the two weirdoes in the thing that's consumed me for the past couple of weeks- Past Pleasures. Which is set in the future, where women are non-existent and men are confused about the tingly feelings in their nethers.

And by confused I mean they all snog each other loads, and have no idea what to do when a woman time travels there.

You can see why this story would eat my soul, right? And also why I totally want to smother my main characters in Marmite and spread them on toast. I suppose it helps that they look a bit like this:

While wearing lycra bodysuits.

And also that I get to boss them around, in my head.


Why can't real life be like insane sci-fi?


  1. i'd pass on the lycra bodysuit myself, i'd prefer a nice birthday suit

  2. I can totally get on board with a nice birthday suit. There are plenty of nice birthday suits flinging about the place, in this WIP!