Friday, April 2, 2010

Duh-duh-duh! DUH DUH DUH!

That was the A-Team theme, BTW.

Because I am now going to use my brand new embedding skillz to put up a three quarter sized trailer from what will no doubt be a terrible, terrible rehash!

But check out Murdock's flight helmet thingamee. While he peers through blinds. You know what he's peeping at, don't you? Me, in the altogether.

It's why he looks so frightened. But Murdock, bb, don't be frightened! We need to crash in a helicopter (plane optional) and then survive in a rainforest somewhere that looks suspiciously like Vancouver. It's sort of like Romancing The Stone, by way of The A-Team. And Cananda.


  1. No, c'mon! It looks deadly! I can't fucking wait! I mean, the original was terribly wonderful, and this seems to have all the same energy. And there has to be cameos... I was hopping up and down in my seat when it came on.

    Be ma eyes, Colonel! Be ma eyes!

  2. LOL LOL is that from Beast From The Belly Of A Boeing? Because if it's a quote from an actual episode I might have to love you.

    And oh, I hope you're right! It does look good from the trailers and I can't wait, but I'm frightened, Jo. So frightened. What if it's awful?

  3. but, but, the original was awful! I didn't mean terribly wonderful, I meant wonderfully terrible. People thrown through windows and sprayed with bullets and getting up and wandering away weekly!

    That's my favourite Murdoch quote, from when he's temporarily blinded and Hannibal has to help him land the plane. Sexiest line ever! Face had nothing on Murdoch!

    Have faith, I think it will be great :)

  4. Embedding:

    Go into the "Edit HTML" tab instead of the "Compose" tab of your post. Change
    Height to 345
    Width to 425
    in BOTH places in the embedding code.

    This should make your video a better fit.

  5. Jo- It was the daftest show to ever exist. But I still loved it. And you're right about the sexiest line ever- so many...blind(folded)...Murdock thoughts...UNF.

    Janine- it worked!!1!! YOU ARE ORSUM SUPER INTERNET GENIUS!!1!!