Monday, April 12, 2010

Kindle Release! Erotica Revealed! Absolutely NO Evan Lysacek!

HOMG my book has been released on the Kindle, through!

You can buy it there now, and download it, for the amazing price of $7.77!

Am so stoked. In other completely and utterly writing related news, I totally forgot to mention that The Things That Make Me Give In was reviewed at Erotica Revealed, by the lovely Lisabet Sarai:

And can I just say now, yet again, how amazing it is that so many people liked my book. I daily cannot get over that fact. The things she had to say just...whenever I'm struggling (and I have been struggling, lately. Things were coming out wrong, fear paralysed me, I psyched myself out, etc etc) I try to remember that. I remember that I've got a book published. That I've had more luck than most people dream of.

For which I am hugely grateful.

Also, did you see what I did? I went a whole post without talking about Evan Lysacek once.




  1. Fantastic review!!! I really need to get this book. It's been on my TBB list for a while now, but I must make it mine!!! :)

  2. I was delighted to see Lisabet's review -- it mirrored so closely how I felt about The Things That Make Me Give In. Your appreciation of your self and that accomplishment are well-placed. :)


  3. That's GREAT review - congratulations!

  4. Bronwyn- thanks, hon!

    Emerald- thank you so much! Don't know how much I appreciate myself (I'm still bruised from the beating I gave me yesterday. All out brawl, no winners. And me didn't even apologise!), but I do vastly, vastly appreciate the review. And your review. And any review. Even a bad one means someone's reading your book!

    Janine- thanks! It really is. I'm still psyched!