Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ultimate Spanking

I meant to blog on Monday about this being out, then totally forgot. Probably because I was obsessing about something stupid, like whether Evan Lysacek would accidentally touch a vagina on Dancing With The Stars, or if someone saying this thing really means this thing and HOMG THEY HATE ME I'VE DONE THE WRONG THING ABORT ABORT, or how much chocolate can a person eat before it leaks out of their pores, etc. etc.

So here I am on Wednesday, tired for no reason and here to tell you that Ultimate Spanking was released two days ago! GO TEAM ME.

Luckily, however, a book called Ultimate Spanking doesn't need my help. It's already sold out on Amazon. But I will tell you that my story, Red, is in it. Which is kind of miraculous, really, because I am weird in several different ways:

1. I'm not that big a fan of spanking. I'm an erotica writer. Who doesn't really see the appeal of spanking. Unless some dude gets spanked and gets so excited that he- Well. That's a story for another time.

2. I cheerlead for femdom. And I'm starting to feel kind of lonely, out here on this rocky outcrop. I don't think Ultimate Spanking has a single other femdom story! Am weird, man-bitch loner.

3. I can't think of a three. But I'm sure it will come to me. Oh yeah- not a big fan of writing about anal, either! Unless it's some dude who's getting-

Wait. What? Also, not sure what anal has to do with Ultimate Spanking. Though I think I actually would pay good money for a book called Ultimate Anal.


  1. Hmmm…I'm starting to suspect we're the same person. Or like, identical cousins. I don't care much for writing dude-on-chick anal either, and I have been known to pen unpopular Fem-dom man-spanking scenes. Hang in there, sister / cousin / alterna-self.

    And well done on selling out—those are two sweet words, to a writer's ears anyhow.

  2. I have long sensed our alterna-self-ness. I just took too much glee in your novella for it to be otherwise. And I have no fear, if you're with me in wildly unpopular man prodding! Soon, we shall take over the world!

    Or something.