Monday, June 7, 2010

Mancandy Monday: New Murdock

Yeah, I know I'm cheating. I've done Murdock once already, I hear you cry, Bertha. But as I actually found orsum screencaps of New Murdock as played by bonafide love God, Sharlto Copley, I thought I'd fookin' cheat.

Here he is, looking like he needs me to ride him, while he continues to wear this hat:

God, imagine the role-playing sex games you could play with Murdock! The doctors and nurses, the cowboys and indians, the escaped mental patient and the woman who loves him...I weep, for the endless possibilities.

And I also weep because I've only just found other women who are apparently also in the black hole of Sharlto lust. I thought it was just me! But no, apparently there are a whole bunch of other mentals, saying stuff like "from my bedroom floor" when someone asks where he got that t-shirt from. Women who rave about his forearms (pictured here):

Simply because they're magnetically hairy and I don't fookin' know just magnificent in some sort of indescribable way, even for an author who spends her time trying to talk about how sexy various body parts are.

And that's not even getting into the secret, shameful, perverted sexiness of this:

The sexiness that I pretended I didn't notice, and went on about my life as though I was just as normal as anyone else and never thought about doing it with a man who's half-alien, half-human in the really, really BAD way. Not in the Gor from the planet Manbeef kind of looks like Fabio sort of way.

The bad, gross way, that all of these other girls totally liked anyway!

I have never felt such a sense of belonging in the human race, as I do right now.

P.S. I got a cover for Tigerlily, my Sultry Solstice novella from TEB! And it's got a link, now, and everything! There are three titles under my name on their website! Out July 19th:


  1. It looks like the cover models are playing the "I got your butt game." It's like I got your nose...only lower. ;P

  2. I like his nose. And I get about the hair. I hate all these hairless actors now. It's all very 'twink' which I don't get. Even the guys on True Blood manscape. You have always like the hair though, CS. I blame Steve Guttenberg and his pussy wagon.

    The cover looks dirty - in a good way. You really are making us all proud. W000t!!!!

  3. Verona- I now long to play the "I got your butt" game. With Sharlto Copley, if God is kind.

    Sefi- From the side, his nose has this lovely shape to it- such a nice curve! And I hate twink, too. I want manliness, I want hair! Which is definitely Steve's fault.

    And thanks, bb. Ham ur big gurl all growed up!