Saturday, June 12, 2010

News Updates


That was my news update theme song. Just picture a giant me twirling behind a title card that says: "Useless Things You Don't Want To Know". And if you're having trouble picturing me, I look like sausage meat squeezed into a bag too small for it, with skin so pale it's almost transparent and one crooked eye. I don't know why the crooked eye is important, and it probably isn't really crooked, but hopefully it kind of makes me sound like a pirate.

Anyway, here are some things that have happened to me recently!

* The Things That Make Me Give In is going to be translated into a German! How cool is that? Unfortunately, the words "I am eight years old" are not in my book (mainly because that would probably make my book very disturbing), so I will not be able to understand a single word of it. As you may now guess, I last learnt German at the age of eight.

* I got a fabulous review from Fallen Angel Reviews, and they made me a recommended read!

* I'm going to be a contributor at the Oh Get a Grip blog! So look out for yet more rambling nonsense from me, there. I'll be posting every Tuesday, I believe, and this week it's going to be about communication. Haven't decided what I'll write, yet. Probably something about communicating sexually with Murdock on the astral plane.

* Biggest news this week: my story, Carnal Craving, is going to be in Maxim Jakubowski's Mammoth Book of Hot Romance. A fact that I can hardly believe, considering the talent he's lined up for it. It was a shock to hear the news, and a delight to realise that I'm going to be amidst those covers with such amazing people, including my writing pal, Justine Elyot.

* Edits are done on Tigerlily, and it's all primed and ready for its July 19th release date. Am going to be doing some promo stuff for it with the other fabulous ladies who are part of this collection: Jessica Jarman, Rachel Randall and Bronwyn Green. So look out for that!

* Have almost done pre-edits on The Horizon. Had a dream last night that I got to the end, and found that the last chapter was missing. Permanently missing. Not in existence anywhere. Woke up mid-sob of despair. I don't need Dr Freud to tell me what that means.

* And finally, am trying to write my geek story, Often Wrong, but find myself struggling lately. I keep second guessing myself, and I think it's because of the big opportunities that are sort of coming my way. I'm massively, hugely, relievedly grateful for them, but sometimes they scare me a little bit. What if I get things wrong? What if I blow my big chances (yeah, I said chances. Recently something absolutely huge happened, and though it's still up in the air and I've no idea if it will pan out and am on constant tenterhooks, it's still got me all "I'm going to blow things up"), and write all the wrong things, and everybody winds up hating me? Must stop psyching myself out.

Anyhoo, I think that's about it, on the news front. My summer is now open, and am going to spend it not wasting my small glimmer of talent, I swear. I plan to work like a dog, starting now. No second guessing. No tears because it's not coming out right. Just write.


  1. Charlotte, be serious. You are made of awesome. All the good things happening to you are happening because you ooze this awesomeness so, don't worry okay :)

  2. Aw, thank you bb. I know I shouldn't worry- don't know why I keep second guessing myself. Keep thinking- what if this next scene isn't the right one? What if I'm writing all the wrong kinds of things? Because I am silly.

  3. You are silly, but I love you anyway. "Big big big hugs" So proud of you!

  4. Thanks for sharing all the good news (and for the theme song!). Can't wait to read your marevelous you-ness at the Grip tomorrow.

  5. Elise- I am silly, I know. But you wouldn't have me any other way, would you?

    Jeremy- I knew you'd like the theme song! You can hear it in your head, can't you. It's going to get annoying, like Oh Mandy by Barry Manilow. Sorry!