Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Past Pleasures Cover!

At first I got given a different cover- and it was lovely. There wasn't anything wrong with it. Only...Past Pleasures is sci-fi. It's set in the far, far future. There are no women in existence, and loads of horny desperate men. A woman ends up in the middle of all of them, and the other cover didn't quite suggest that.

THIS, on the other hand:

Yeah. I think that suggests horny desperate men in the far future. And I'm so grateful to my publisher for deciding to change it, and give me this fabulous sci-fi-y cover with the orgasm-faced dude. Perfection.

God, I'm excited about this book.

Also, I'm blogging today over at the Grip for the first time, so if you fancied dropping by, Bertha? Or anyone? I would love you a million times. Almost as many times as the horny dude on my cover would love you, if you suddenly appeared in his boob-less world and starting bobbling them about.



  1. TEB impress me more and more each day. I love them for doing this - and your cover is lush.

  2. Very hot men on the cover - yummy!

  3. Justine- they're amazing. So stress free. *touches wood*

    Leetid- Thanks!