Thursday, November 11, 2010

Elise Hepner: Thumbtacks

So one day, I got a mentee called Elise. And she kept fighting even when I was Miss Bossy Pants and gave her tough lessons that Gabriel Kauffman would balk at, and she kept writing, and then one day she got her dream! A short story in a Rachel Kramer Bussel anthology! She's on her way, hooray!

But she's also an impatient little minxy, and a determined-to-get-her-work-out-there little scamp, so while you're waiting for her wonderful story in RKB's quickie anthology, she's only gone and self-pubbed something for your delectation!

And here it is, in all its glory.

Stupendous blurb:


Tyler and Brie share a quirky fetish--office supplies. Unable to embrace their mutual needs and desires in a work environment, the women have been meeting in secret every week to troll the local office supply store for a little foreplay. But now it's no longer enough.

Driven by their boss's orders that they go pick out a new printer for the office, they are unable to fight their mutual desire for each other while surrounded by so much temptation. What follows is a torrid session in office politics that could get them fired--and laid.

Magnificent excerpt:

"Tyler's gaze skittered across her co-worker’s features as if she were afraid if she looked too long she would give in to her lustful cravings. Brie wasn’t helping by drawing attention to her luscious mouth that would look perfect locked onto Tyler’s nipple. Their gazes connected. Brie’s eyes were suggestive all the time, but she acted like a woman who just didn’t understand she was a walking billboard for sex. Her eyes were a light green like the skin of a Granny Smith apple flecked with gold and the long, extra large kid’s pencil she shoved in her scarlet hair to keep it in a bun never failed to capture Tyler’s attention. Every day it was a new pencil. Today there were multicolored hearts with a rainbow eraser. What would it be like to do luscious acts with that long, firm piece of wood? Barely breathing, Tyler crossed her arms tight hoping to draw attention away from her hard, aching nipples.

“I think the laser printer with the large paper capacity and fold out tray would be handy to have around the office. Optional color is something most of the staff have never seen before and it’ll help with Power Point print outs and graphing.”

Thank god. When she found her voice it only came out slightly tremulous.

“Whatever you think is best.”

When Brie deferred to her like this her pulse roared in her ears. Her co-worker’s melodious voice was soft, like a Disney princess, and it awoke in her a feeling of longing that Tyler hadn’t known existed. It was a fight to hold back the thought of that voice lost in orgasm, crying out her name. So many fantasies sifted through her mind. Greed grasped onto her lust until nothing else made sense but burying her face in those perky, milky white breasts and opening up a sexual self that had been lost through all the late nights and early days at the office. Dominant, power hungry thoughts that had never entered her mind until she met this woman—and now she couldn’t seem to stop them. Caught in minute-by-minute fantasies, until her flesh burned with a blush that made her throat tight. Now Tyler’s fingers tensed into fists. Better to keep her hands from pulling back into all that gorgeous, scarlet hair until Brie whimpered in pleasure and the over-sized pencil of the day hit the floor. It wasn’t polite to maul someone in public."

And the to buy link. Because you know you want it.


  1. Ooh, this sounds lovely. It's on my list.

  2. Congratulations, Elise! And this eloquent, lust-crazed excerpt is irresistibly frisky.

    P.S. I've always thought office supplies were sort of sexy—not with any repurposing in mind, but just inherently.

  3. Thanks Justine for the support! Jeremy, I can't go into a Officemax without buying at least four things, its like my playground.

  4. Hi Charlotte, you will be pleased to hear an ex-student has also had two saucy stories published:
    I was inspired in your classes, I never thought I could do it!!

  5. Thanks everyone, for stopping by and supporting Elise!

    And Nicola- I always knew you could! Congrats, hon.